Frockin' up: New Kip & Co AW17 Pjs

The girls and I popped into Olivia's Closet on the weekend and had a sneak peak at the new Kip & Co AW17 collection. I stumbled across their pjs this time last year and haven't looked back. Their pjs are so comfortable and wash well time after time. Lulu's are now getting a little short on her so luckily there is a new collection to get her through this winter.

The new Kip & Co AW17 collection is available for pre-order at Olivia's Closet from today! Can we talk for just a second about how nice it is to have a shop in town to go to and actually touch, feel and size up kids clothes that we'd otherwise only see on the internets? Yep, it's great.

Here are our picks:

There are also beautiful wraps for babies and these gorgeous playmate - If only Zelda stayed still for more than a second!


Head into Olivia's Closet and order your pick today. The Kip & Co AW17 Collection will be in store late March.

Pics from Kip & Co.


5 Best Hand Creams for Winter

 photo Hand-Cream_zpsdhl9gakn.jpg

Winter does a number on my skin, especially my hands. It's cold for about 3.5 seconds before my hands start feeling as rough as a labourers. With an infant in the house, the number of times you wash your hands in a single day increases exponentially. If I don't put on hand cream every time I wash my hands, they end up cracking. I kid you not, the skin on my right index finger split open a few weeks ago! It was like a paper cut but there was no paper to be seen. I fixed the split by applying

nipple cream

over a number of days. But when I am not in crisis management mode I love the following hand creams:


Thankyou Hand Cream

| This cream smells a little like marshmallows & has an excellent price point


Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream: Persian Rose & Argan Extract

| Again a flowery, marshmallowy smell. All girly like.


Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

 | this cream has a relaxing smell to it. Breathing it in just makes you breath out all the bad stuff.


Lush Helping Hands

 | thick goodness in a small tub.


Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardners

 | this cream is all business. It works.




Frockin' up - Favourite Lipstick









Frockin' up - Winter Inspiration

We're heading to the cold for a much looked forward to holiday* and for the past little while I have been glued to


looking for wardrobe inspiration. I know pinterest can be a black envious hole but in this i've found that it has reminded me of pieces I already own that will work with a certain look. Inspiring me to dig deep & stick with one aesthetic that I love.

 photo Winter-styles_zpscadceb5c.jpg





 For more check out my

Frockin Up - Winter


*those of us who live with summer for 80% of the year sooooo look forward to holidays in the cold, much like those who live in Alaska look forward to holidays in Mexico!

Bikinis & Pregnancy

Jessica Rudd recently wrote this piece for MamaMia about how amazing she's finding her body to be now that she's pregnant. In the past she'd go through a major body prep ritual to prepare for wearing a bikini, but now that she's pregnant she didn't think twice about putting on the bikini & heading for the water. 

While I've always proudly worn bikinis despite my wobbly bits, I know there are many who don't. And you know what? You're most likley never going to be skinnier than you are now. Don't wait for a pregnancy to make you accept your body for what it is. Go for it. Crack out that bikini & wear it proudly.