Weekend Getaway at Glen Helen

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Nick is enjoying a little paternity leave at the moment so we decided at the last minute to head out to

Glen Helen Homestead Lodge

overnight on Friday. It seemed to take forever to get everything ready and all of us into the car, but really it only took 2.5 hrs and that included time for both of us to have showers and a preschool pick-up plus filing the car with fuel, so not that long, really.

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 photo Ormiston_zps6bi9myov.jpg

On the way to Glen Helen we stopped in at Ellery Big Hole to have a quick toilet break and to give Zelda a feed. This break turned into a swim for Lulu as well. In true Territorian fashion, we forgot to pack bathers for Lulu so she swam nudie.

There was another family there who asked me how old Zelda was and then asked if we were from here. When I replied yes, she said 'oh good' in a very relieved way. I am unsure if the reply was in response to Lulu's nakedness, Nick telling the British backpackers the best place to jump in from or Zelda being 'too young' to be out and about. Either way it seemed a little judgemental.

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After Ellery we headed onto

Glen Helen

. Aside from an incident with their galah, Gee, everything went well. A cozy cabin and dinner in the restaurant. Zelda only woke up 4 times in the night - agh!

We came prepared to make breakfast ourselves, bringing eggs, bread, bacon & hot sauce. Nick cooked an awesome breakfast. Glen Helen even supply BBQ utensils, which was awesome because of course we forgot them! A big shout out to the wonderful people who shared their tomato sauce with Lulu, as we also forgot tomato sauce. It was so nice to get out of town and one night was just enough for me.

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 photo Breakfast-at-Glen-Helen-2_zps4in8vqae.jpg

A Last Minute Picnic

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Last Saturday Lulu put in a request for a last minute picnic dinner. Picnics are not my forte & other than cold meats and bread I really don’t know what exactly constitutes picnic food?! Luckily I remembered that I had two burritos in the freezer that I had made a week or two ago from a recipe from Save with Jamie

I heated the burritos in the oven, then packed a bag with some strawberries, some leftover salsa, bubble water and a throw. Once the burritos were cooked I wrapped them in a tea towel, added them to the back and we headed to the park! 

While a last minute picnic may have been a great dinner plan and a beautiful dinner location, Lulu was a little distracted by the playground and didn’t really eat much dinner. Better left for the odd occasion, like Picnic Day, the Northern Territory’s bizarre Public Holiday, that we never want to let go of!
 photo Picnic-2_zps39emgqys.jpg
If you happen to live in Darwin and are a little more organised than me, check out Picnic Darwin - you can order a picnic ahead of time & the lovely Noosh & Clara will cook you the most delicious food & deliver it to you ready for your picnic. What more could you want?

PS check out this cool back and white picnic

The Alice Springs Show 2015

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A little known fact about life in the Territory is that we get the day off to go to the Show! I know, it's like being back in school in South Australia where your school would get the day off, but instead it's the whole town. Just one of those awesome things about life in the Northern Territory. 

Each year that we have gone to the Alice 
Springs Show with Lulu she has wanted to go on the giant slide, but has always been a little too small. This year Lulu was big enough to go on the giant slide, with a little help from Nick. Actually, Nick ended up helping a lot of kids - those stairs were quite slippery! From the big slide we went to the Emergency Services tent where Lulu showed great potential for becoming a volunteer emergency services worker. The petting zoo did not disappoint then onto side show alley. 

We went to the show with friends who have three children under five and somehow, moving 4 children around the show is not an easy feat. So we ended the day at the Cattlemen's Bar. A little known fact is that there is a playground at the Cattlemen's Bar and the kids can play in an enclosed space while you unwind. It's win win. Another great day at they show!
 photo The-Show-8_zps6we3yyhy.jpg photo the-show-1_zps5o790okz.jpg photo the-show-2_zpsf0yyuu5q.jpg photo the-show-7_zpsdbgagyfe.jpg photo The-show-6_zpsxyv70wfz.jpg

A wedding at the Earth Sanctuary Alice Springs

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Friends of ours were recently married out at the Earth Sanctuary Alice Springs. The Earth Sanctuary was established to showcase sustainability in action. The family behind the Earth Sanctuary run programs and tours aimed at inspiring people to change their lifestyle to benefit the planet and promote sustainability in every day life. The Earth Sanctuary just happens to be a beautiful function venue too.

Below are a few snaps of our friend's wedding. It was such a wonderful weekend. Friends came from interstate and overseas for the wedding. Catching up, eating yummy food and dancing into the evening made it pretty much the perfect night.
 photo Earth-Sanctuary-5_zpsxkshdwtm.jpg photo Earth-Sanctuary-2_zpsfqpvvayq.jpg photo Earth-Sanctuary_zpsmvyckwli.jpg photo Earth-Sanctuary-8_zps7hc6jwfz.jpg photo Earth-Santuary_zpslfi1wwam.jpg

Weekend Adventures - Lorne & Marengo

We love spending time at the beach house in Marengo, which is just outside of Apollo Bay in Victoria. As Lulu gets very car sick, we normally stay put and don't venture very far out of Apollo Bay. The roads are so windy she's guaranteed to get sick within 5 mins of us leaving the house. But this trip we had an excuse to brave the sickness, our friend's wedding in Lorne. Yes, Lulu was sick on the way down and the way back, but we did have an awesome time in Lorne. There is a huge playground and a trampoline park at the Lorne Sea Baths. For some reason jumping does not make Lulu sick, she would have stayed there all day if she could! Lorne has a few nice cafes and a few cute shops plus the best bookstore. It is worth a day trip if you are ever in Melbourne. Here are a few snaps from our time in Lorne and a few from Marengo.
 photo Lorne-Trampolenes_zpsy0pp5wsk.jpg
Trampolines at the Lorne Sea Baths
 photo Family_zps9whmbyav.jpg
Frocked up for our friend's wedding at the Lorne Beach Pavillion
 photo Lorne_zpsmd208exh.jpg
Beautiful Lorne Sunset
 photo Coffee_zpshfcfitcs.jpg
Holiday treats - good bread is hard to come back in Alice Springs
 photo Marengo-Beach_zps521vhkkd.jpg
Marengo Beach
 photo beach-wagon_zpsu5kes5vu.jpg
The Beach People Wagon is the best investment!