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This weekend is shaping up to be pretty social, almost reminiscent of pre-children days. Last night we went to the Comedy Festival Roadshow at Araluen. It was fantastic and is on again tonight, so if you like to laugh, go! Today Lulu and I have gym & then swimming. This afternoon is the Nappy Collective sorting day. Tonight is The Beards at the Gap View and Sunday, well we have no plans for Sunday. I think by then we will need a well deserved rest / housework. By golly housework just piles up!

What are you up to this weekend?

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

My friend's gorgeous wedding in Hawaii - just check out these photos, simply stunning!

The sauce that goes with these Fish Tacos on Crumbumbs sounds delicious!

Beautiful apartment on A Cup of Jo

Help the Albury Apex Club raise funds to support schools and vital eye clinics in Cambodia - This is a project organised by one of the guys from my favourite podcast, Something Wonky, to help people in one of the poorest nations in the world.

A little encouragement for working mums

A wedding at the Earth Sanctuary Alice Springs

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Friends of ours were recently married out at the Earth Sanctuary Alice Springs. The Earth Sanctuary was established to showcase sustainability in action. The family behind the Earth Sanctuary run programs and tours aimed at inspiring people to change their lifestyle to benefit the planet and promote sustainability in every day life. The Earth Sanctuary just happens to be a beautiful function venue too.

Below are a few snaps of our friend's wedding. It was such a wonderful weekend. Friends came from interstate and overseas for the wedding. Catching up, eating yummy food and dancing into the evening made it pretty much the perfect night.
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Beach Wedding

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Last Thursday we flew to Adelaide, spent the evening with my parents and then the next day we left Lulu there & drove to Port Lincoln BY OURSELVES! No Lulu singing in the back, no Lulu crying in the back, no Lulu spewing in the back, just us. It was wonderful. Roadtrips used to be our thing back before Lulu came along so it was wonderful to rekindle that. Chatting, podcasts, music and the open road. Port Lincoln is about 7.5 hours from Adelaide and the drive went by so quickly.

I was sick for a few days before we left and I wasn't much better on the weekend. I missed out on catching up with one of my closest friends as I was in bed all Saturday, right up until about an hour before the ceremony. I also have to admit that we didn't see the bride walk down the isle! We got a little lost on the way to the ceremony & arrived at 4:00pm, the time the wedding was supposed to start & we all know that brides are late, right? Well not this bride, she was on time and at the 'alter' when we arrived! A little embarrassing for us, especially since we hadn't met the bride yet. The groom is an old school friend of Nick's. I doubt the bride noticed, but I'm sure others did. Have you ever been late to a wedding? I'll be ensuring we arrive super early at any future weddings!

Above are a few snaps from the wedding:

1. the ceremony

2. I just love that the bride & groom are kissing off to the side in this photo of the boys!

3. Nick & I - my dress is Maurie & Eve

4. more of the ceremony location - just perfect

5. Nick and Nick giving the 'best man' speech - Nick is wearing a gingerbread heart around his neck. The bride is from Germany & her bridesmaids from back home smuggled the gingerbread into Australia. Apparently there is a German tradition of 'selling' the gingerbreads at the wedding to raise money for the honeymoon! Not only that, there is also a German tradition that at the hen's party, the bride has to sell tiny bottles of schnapps and tiny gingerbreads to raise money for the hens do. The bridesmaids also managed to get through customs the tiny bottles of schnapps (spirits), labelled with the name of the bride & groom and the wedding date for the bride to 'sell'. The bride raised $120!!

6. the first dance

You may be wondering how Lulu fared while we were gone? She had a wonderful time with her grandparents, making play doh, going to the park, swimming at the beach. Success!