Angie Tribeca

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This show ticked a number of boxes for me. I love crime shows. I like comedy. I like Rashida Jones. Tick, Tick, Tick. Angie Tribeca is a crime show parody staring Rashida Jones, created by Steve Carell and his wife Nancy Carell. Rashida Jones plays lone-wolf LAPD Detective Angie Tribeca who will stop crime no matter what it takes. This show is incredibly cliched, as the genre is intended to be, but for me it fell short of being actually funny. It is just too over the top, too exaggerated. Which is a shame as it has so many good comedic actors in it and writing it. If you are after a good comedic crime show, I'd go for Brooklyn Nine-Nine over Angie Tribeca.

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When I get a minute

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Leigh Sales and Anabelle Crabb are pretty much my gurus. They're both smart, interested in politics, love reading and watching tv. They're pretty much me, except that that are also excellent at cooking and are on tv. But apart from that you would totally mistake them for me, wouldn't you?

Not only do they have a great podcast, Chat 10 Looks 3, they also have a web series on ABC iView, When I Get A Minute. The web series is basically their podcast but it's shot in more interesting locations than where the podcast is recorded. The podcast mostly being recorded in the ABC breastfeeding cupboard, it doesn't take much to get a more interesting location than that. Being a little more polished than the podcast it is missing that mad-cap element of interruptions that makes the podcast endearing.

The web series covers the same ground as the podcast, what they are reading, watching or making with a little bit of politics. How do these busy ladies have time to watch tv and read so much? I bet they aren't scrolling instagram in their spare time & instead are reading books or actually watching tv. When I Get A Minute is shorter that the podcast. Great for if you don't have time to listen to a half-hour/hour podcast. There is also a re-cap screen at the end with each tv show, book, article or movie that they have mentioned on it that you can pause while you grab a pen and copy down anything that you'd like to follow up on. A little easier than finishing the podcast and having to get out the computer to look up the show notes.

When I Get A Minute has the same great banter as the podcast but I found myself wanting to be at the gym or going for a walk while I listened, rather than being stuck in front of the tv watching them. It's great to have on in the background while you try out a cake recipe.

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Playground Politics

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I have fallen in love with Playground Politics. Not only am I learning a lot, but I'm laughing while I learn. Playground politics is a satire of Play School. For those outside of Australia, Play School is a children's program where the presenters do craft, singing and stories. On Playground politics the presenter also makes craft, sings songs and tells stories but the stories are political commentary. A scathing analysis of the current political landscape. Showing us how to make an immigration detention centre or a scarecrow campaign. The explanation of a referendum was extremely timely, airing on the day of the Brexit results.

'It's been a big week of campaigning and all our politicians are tucked up in their beds. Have you ever wanted to put a politician to sleep?'

No political party escapes his commentary, with the Greens 'in bed with the liberals', Labor's 'shortbus' & a unsustainable song about Nick Xenophon. Sammy nails the part of the friendly play school presenter while coming across slightly creepy. The content is somewhat terrifying and in light of the Brexit result, aims to spur you on to be fully informed before you vote, as it does little average voter.

Playground Politics has a new episode each night until the election on iView or on Sammy J's Facebook Page

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The Katering Show

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the Katering Show kept popping up on various things that I had been listening to lately, I think mainly from Leah Sales and Annabelle Crabb's podcast, so I thought I better check it out. This show is so good that you will want to say you watched it before it came to the ABC. I would love to say that I have been a fan since before they were on the ABC but I can't. Maybe I can pretend?!

The Katering Show is a parody of food shows, delving into all topics such as weddings, diets and sugar. It is hosted by the Kates, Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney. Since I had just had a baby, I started with the episode 'Yummy Mummies'. Lets just say if you are at all squeamish or can't handle blood, do not watch this episode. It takes the term yummy mummy to a whole other level, taking the piss out of those who keep the placenta. They indeed used an actual placenta for one of the scenes. You be the judge of which scene.

The Cook and the Kates is also another hilarious episode. An ode to Maggie Beer, the original celebrity chef. Turns out her home grown produce recipes aren't quite the same in inner city Melbourne. Get stuck into the Katering Show, you won't regret it.

House of Cards Season 3

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Having heard many unfavourable things about season number two of House of Cards, I was a little unsure whether or not to watch it. I loved the first two series so it was only right that we keep going. I am so glad we did.

Season 3 sees Clare and Frank Underwood in the Whitehouse as First Lady and President. Things are a little slower as the rest of government works against Frank, not everything is going to plan. There is trouble between Clare and Frank as well and it's nice to see Frank not getting his way. I don't think you can expect Season 3 to have the momentum of the other two, when as President you just can't get away with the stuff he has pulled in the past, at least in the beginning. It takes time to ensure that connections are solid again before you can do those sorts of things.

House of Cards Season 3 is no where near as bad as others have made out. Give it a go and then get moving on Season 4.

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Seven Things to Read Do Listen in March

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This month's seven things:

We have picked up watching the Brink again - a Jack Black political comedy - it is hilarious.

Listening to Father John Misty on my recent flight take off helped calm my nerves.

Reading Devil's Bridge by Linda Fairstein. It's getting near the end & I am very afraid that it's not going to be resolved in this one book!

Wearing the most comfortable Kip and Co Pjs  - Lulu has a set too, that she loves. Perfect pjs for both kids and adults

I will be eating as much Easter chocolate as I can while Lulu is away and there is no need to set a good example!

Sorting out the spare room using these principals

Taking a mini break here


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Is anyone else watching Scandal? We are almost at the end of season 3 and are completely addicted. I think House of Cards is the only other show that we have watched in such quick succession since Lulu was born!

Scandal is about Olivia Pope, former White House Communications Director, now head of her own crisis management firm. Her firm 'Olivia Pope and Associates' fixes problems. They make problems go away for Washington's elite. Olivia has a complicated relationship with the people at the White House and White House staff, as well as the President and First Lady feature in most episodes.

Where this differs from your average problem/crime solving tv show is the overarching storylines that run through each episodes. This story is one for those who love a good conspiracy theory and anything to do with the idea that we are all flawed individuals.  As the seasons move on the overarching storyline takes over and the single episode storylines almost completely disappear. I think I would still like to see more of the single episode stories again. I've found that with the disappearance of the single episode story lines Olivia seems to have become less sure of herself and not quite the powerful, confident woman she was in the beginning. Hopefully that Olivia will return.

In researching this post I just found out that there is another whole season before we catch up to what is airing at the moment! More Scandal for us! Is there anything better than finding a new tv series that already has 4 seasons?!

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Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe

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I have only been able to catch the first episode of this show, but I have to say that I like it. Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe uses the late night talk show model to discuss all things fashion. It takes fashion seriously while still having a little fun. You never see, on tv, fashion being talked about in this manor and it is so refreshing to have Zoe delve into fashion and discuss it as if you would politics or sport. There are a million sport chat shows and it would be awesome if other networks copied Zoe’s show and produced more shows like this. I’d watch. 
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Fargo Season 2

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Have you caught the first episode of Fargo Season 2? We are a little behind due to our addiction to Scandal, but last Saturday night we set aside time for Fargo as the first episode will only be on SBS On Demand for another 2 days! If you are reading this after that time then I suggest you catch the first episode on Apple TV and then watch the rest on SBS, because it is good. 

Fargo Season 2 has that same slow drawl as the last season. Shocking events happening to seemingly random normal people and the story develops from there. Shot in Calgary, the scenery is again, stark but beautiful. And can we talk about how bouncy Kirsten Dunst’s hair is? An amazing effort from the Hair Department. All in all this season looks to be promising. Catch up before it disappears from SBS On Demand
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