Nothing But Bibs

Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs
Nothing But Bibs is a cool Alice Springs business creating, you guessed it, Bibs! Kirstin, the awesome lady behind Nothing But Bibs, has sourced great fabrics with modern prints. Her bibs are extra big to fit the chubby necked babies. She also makes full length bibs for feeding, as well as drool bibs with attached teething toys. Is there anything she doesn't do? Today I'm asking her a few questions about what makes her business tick.
Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs

The idea for Nothing But Bibs was mainly due to having a baby and not liking any of the bibs I'd find. Plus I love sewing and needed something to keep me sane! So I thought...why not give it a whirl! 

The most challenging part is juggling Xavier and trying to get sewing done hahaha! Since he now more active and sleeps less I get much less time now during the week. But I still manage to sneak some sewing or cutting in while he is playing.

Time management secret...well it's not so much a secret...time management is hard! At the moment I have small orders which I like as this helps to ensure I can get things made in a timely fashion. The weekends are taken up by a lot of sewing though especially if Xavier if in one of his no sleep patterns during the day. 

Style essentials? A shirt without spew or food on it hahaha! /react-text 

I relax by watching movies...spending time with my beautiful family and just chilling out at home. I'm a bit of a home body so enjoy my time at home. Oh and reading...I'm a huge reader

A huge thanks to Kirstin for sharing a little insight into the lady behind the brand. You can shop all the awesome Nothing But Bibs here.
Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs

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Surprise Gift Ideas for Kids from Lush

I had never thought of Lush as a place to get presets for little kids. Sure teenagers will love their products, but little kids had never crossed my mind, until... their catalogue appeared in our mailbox one day. I was looking though it on the couch and Lulu came up to see what I was doing. In that way that pre-schoolers do, she quickly snatched the catalogue from me and proceeded to point out all the things that she would like Santa to bring.

Lush is perfect as you don't end up with piles of broken plastic toys. Their products a useful and they don't hurt the environment. Plus they are perfect gifts for a travelling holiday as the kids can use them while you are away. It's win win.

Here are Lulu's picks from the Lush Christmas catalogue

Surprise Gift Ideas for Kids From Lush

Lulu's picks of the surprise gift ideas for kids from Lush include:

1. Snowman Fun - your kids can make this snowman. The snowman can then be used to make bubbles and clean your kid. It's a versatile snowman.

2. Fairy Dust Dusting Powder - Ok so I'm not exactly sure what this fairy dust does, however it does promise to keep you 'fresh for big adventures'. Anything fairy dust is fine by Lulu.

3. Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - The name says it all. Just crumble under running water for lots of bubbles.

4. Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar  - Again, you can't go wrong with fairy stuff. Swirl it around the bath for magic bubbles then put it aside to use again.

Next time your stuck for a gift for a little kid, head to Lush!

*this post was not sponsored by Lush, I just wanted to share my magical discovery with you all!

Preparing your child for anaesthesia

preparing your child for anaesthesia
Last Friday Lulu had a CT Scan at the hospital. Sounds fairly simple but when you have a CT Scan you have to lay perfectly still for at least 5 minutes. A completely impossible task for a three year old. In order for small ones to stay still they have to under go a general anaesthetic. While Lulu has gone under general anaesthetic before, you are always a little apprehensive about a general. Plus this was the first time where Lulu would be completely aware of what was happening to her and could articulate her feelings. We thought it best to prepare her for anaesthesia.  

The night before
The night before I had explained to Lulu that for this test she would need to be asleep. She was a little worried about this because she didn’t want to have to wake up in the morning and then try to fall asleep again at the hospital. I went on to explain that the anaesthetist would give her some medicine that would help her sleep. This made way more sense to Lulu, because really, what 3 year old wants to wake up only to have to try to go to sleep again?

The Anaesthesia
At the hospital, anaesthetist explained to Lulu that he would need her help blowing up a big balloon. She’s need to blow really big 10 times, making the balloon grow big each time. It worked a treat and she did exactly as asked, falling asleep quite quickly. She was under long enough for us to get coffee and then drink it in the waiting corridor. One of us was then called to go in and wait with her as she was waking up. Nick went in. I would forever be in trouble for not being there when she woke up. Also because I hadn’t gotten the lollipop I had promised (though I did have Frozen stickers & princess band aids!). Once I was allowed in too, Nick went and sourced the promised lollipop. When asked about her day by friends of ours that night, Lulu only mentioned that she received a lollipop. Nothing was said about the CT Scan. Remember lollipops have the ability to wipe out your memory!

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Link Love - Children's label, Dancers & a ClusterF*K

 photo Boots-and-Succulents_zpsarufrdgn.jpg
old boots and succulents
A call from Lulu's respiratory doctor did a lot to relieve the frustration I mentioned on Instagram yesterday. We have a clear path of investigation going forward, but need to wait for Lulu's pediatrician here to return from holidays. 

Do you have big plans this weekend? We're looking at spending some time in the garden, Nick's going to a gig, I'm going to have a glorious night in with Lulu. Hopefully she'll go to sleep early and I can get stuck into watching Scandal, a show that is new to me. Wish me luck!

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

This sweet Aussie children's label called Minouche - I can just see Lulu having hours of fun in their play skirt

Also this children's clothing company, Arlo & Imus has a cute folky feel to it!

Dancers among us - New York Photographer Jordan Matter's latest project. I love the waitress, and the Grand Central Station one is a close second, what's your favourite?

A horrifying development in Australia's xenophobia - If the boarder force acts like this in Melbourne what do they do offshore? and this Timeline of ABF's Total Clusterfuck

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A DIY dinosaur party

 photo Party-Dinosaurs_zpsqumk0zos.jpg
Lulu turned three at the end of February and when we asked her what kind of party she wanted she said a dinosaur party. Many other times before this she had said a Frozen party but this time she said a dinosaur party so we latched onto that idea and didn't ask again. The party date was set for the Sunday afternoon after we returned from holidays and it may have been a little ambitious to throw a party the day after returning from holidays. I would not recommend it. We had a list of decorations and food to make and it was all a little overwhelming until my mother-in-law offered to make the cake. Thank you! On the day a close friend came over and helped us ice cookies and cupcakes and make fairy bread - a lifesaver!

Dinosaur Party Decorations
For the party decorations we had the following:

Party hats for dinosaurs - I bought a mega pack of dinosaurs from Kmart and the night before Nick and I made party hats for the dinosaurs.

Bunting - No time for home made bunting this year. Kmart had cheap bunting in great colours so I purchased the bunting, table cloths, straws and paper plates from there.

Blow up dinosaurs - I spotted these on clearance at Kmart and snapped them up.

Party hats - from Woolworths

Balloons - I had bought some from Kmart but they couldn't stand the heat & popped. The ones from Woolies went the distance.

Party bags - I really don't like getting party bags full of lollies, so our party bags included a tiny tub of play-doh, a bag of prehistoric pizza shapes and a party blower. Kids have enough treats at the parties without filling party bags with lollies. Lulu helped put the party bags together.
 photo party-1_zps2ni4cojj.jpg photo party-3_zps5dehuivy.jpg photo party-girls_zpsxdc6uehc.jpg

Dinosaur Party Food
My mother-in-law had two reasonably sized dinosaur cookie cutters. We borrowed them and made:
Sugar cookies - using this recipe and this icing recipe.
Cupcakes - white wings packet cupcakes with Dollar Sweets Sprinkles Magic Jurassic Blitz
Fairy bread - the cookie cutters fit neatly on the diagonal, making two dinosaur shapes for each piece of fairy bread. Unfortunately I do not have a photo but you can get the idea here.

 photo Party-2_zpst467ktmx.jpg
And there you have it - a Dinosaur Party. To be honest I was so focused on getting everything ready for the party, it wasn't until near the end, the relaxing time, when I realised we'd need to do a clean up! If one parties, one must clean up. 

An update and thank you from the Nappy Collective Alice Springs

 photo Alice-Springs-Sorting-Day-Crew-Oct-Nov-2014_zps44ae0dbb.jpg
The Nappy Collective collects leftover unused nappies and distributes them to mums in need through local women's shelters. The first collection was held in Alice Springs in late October/early November and we had an overwhelming response. Following the collection, members of the Nappy Collective committee sorted the nappies into sizes and counted and packed them ready for donation.
 photo Alice-Springs-Sorting-Day-Oct-Nov-2014_zpsd4458fa6.jpg
We collected over 1000 nappies for the Alice Springs Women's shelter! A big thank you to the Alice Springs mums who have got behind this cause. The Women's Shelter couldn't believe the amount of nappies they received!

A special thank you to our drop points, Juju Beane and Exotiq Homewares, and to our sponsor Taps Tubs and Tiles who generously donated packing tape and boxes as well as covering the shipping costs for our collection boxes.

If you want to get involved with the next collection which will run in February, please head to for more details.
 photo Final-Count-Oct-Nov-2014_zps7a2a42b1.jpg

A day at the Hahndorf Farm Barn

 photo Farm-Barn-1_zps3aa62e6c.jpg
We've spent the last few days in Adelaide visiting my mum & brother, we were thinking of taking Lulu to the zoo when my brother suggested the Hahndorf Farm Barn. The Farm Barn allows you to get up close and personal with the animals, which is just what Lulu loves. I'm unsure how much some of the animals loved it though, some came up to you for cuddles while others ran away as fast as they could!

The Farm Barn has chickens, goats, cows, miniature ponys, camels, pigs, sheep, geese, kangaroos, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, deer and many baby animals. You can purchase food to feed the animals, though you do get mobbed, so beware! Yes, we were chased by geese and a goat did try to eat my top and my brother's jeans, but we survived.

Hahndorf is a cute little town in the Adelaide hills. It was settled by Germans and there are many German themed stores and restaurants and a few touristy shops. We had lunch at Udder Delights, a handmade cheese factory. Mum and I shared the cheese fondue - I have a distinct weakness for cheese fondue and this one did not disappoint. Of course Hahndorf has a Birkenstock store and I was able to get Lulu a pair for summer, plus at another store I purchased new uggs to replace the pair I have had for the last 10 years. Win Win. Hahndorf, a great day out.
 photo Farm-Barn-2_zps0f7ba580.jpg photo Farm-Barn-3_zps3dd16698.jpg photo Farm-Barn-4_zpsa37c9fc2.jpg photo Farm-Barn-5_zps5dd6b980.jpg