Lulu's Peppa Party

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Lulu has been planning her 4th birthday party, well, since her last birthday party. She decided a long time ago that she was having a Peppa party and that was that. This post is pretty image heavy so to keep the main page moving, there is more after the jump:

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Lulu planned:

The time

- 'I'd like a nighttime party'. We compromised with a 4pm start

The food

 - 'I want to eat sausages with my friends'. We also had fairy bread (which my mum & lulu made), watermelon, grapes, jelly shots and a cheese platter (graciously supplied by my mother-in-law). The cake was made by my mother-in-law! Lulu had her heart set on the Peppa cake at Coles, but the shelf life of that cake is enormous and there are no ingredients that resemble food so my mother-in-law took the Peppa part of that cake and made a super yummy cake instead.

The highlights

 - 'Can I have pop pops at my party like at my work christmas party?' Fireworks at at 4th birthday?! We knocked back that idea. The fireworks were only at her daycare christmas party because it coincided with the Town Council Christmas Carnival fireworks. We did have glow in the dark fairy wands, a hit with boys and girls!

The games

 - These became more and more elaborate, starting with musical chairs, then pass the parcel and moving to a Piñata. We kept the piñata idea and I suggested swimming as it looked like the temp would be 39 degrees. All the kids can now swim on their own (with close supervision) so swimming was a great activity for such a hot day. A few of the adults, including me, ended up going in too after dinner. In the end we forgot about the piñata and didn't 'open' it until later in the evening (the nighttime part of the party) and 4 kids got to share a lot of lollies at a very inappropriate time for lollie eating.

The Party Bags

 - Lulu put a lot of planning into the party bags, coming shopping with me for items which included glow in the dark fairy wands, peppa pig blowers, bubbles, sunglasses and a box of Peppa Pig yoghurt covered sultanas.

The Decorations

 - This was left to me. Since I was 25 weeks pregnant I decided not to make anything myself, however this totally backfired as the big round 'flowers' needed 'fluffing' and that took FOREVER. The bunting was easy.

Lulu thoroughly enjoyed her party, staying up later than me (I went to be at 9, just as a movie was being put on for the kids!) to wave good bye to the last of her guests just before midnight!! She indeed had the nighttime party she was after.

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Peppa Party Supplies from

The Party Cupboard

Decorations from Kmart aside from Peppa Banner from

the Party Cupboard


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Stills from a Birthday Week

Reader Survey Thank You

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A big thank you to all who took part in the Girl in the Pjs reader survey over the Christmas period. Your feedback was fantastic. The majority of readers would like to see more Alice Springs, more renovation and home decor posts, more style and motherhood posts. I will certainly be incorporating your feedback into the content of the blog this year. Thanks again for being such awesome long term readers of Girl in the Pjs!

Stay tuned Thursday for an all new style post....