Memories of 2016

2016 has been quite the year.

It started with a family holiday in Palm Springs (the best place & not just for adults) and we continued to take short trips out of town throughout the year, something we haven't really done in 2015.

Our beautiful Zelda arrived early and surprised us all. Lulu started pre-school. Our renovation finished. Nick built his first bike.

I collaborated with local business owners to host a Maternity Leave Lunch  and I organised a sold out charity movie night.

And as the year draws to a close I thought I'd share a few of the highlights from the past year on Girl in the Pjs:

Home Decor highlights - our Before and After - Open Plan Kitchen and the best backyard swimming pools

Pregnancy style


highlights - Autumn Colours and Black Dress with Furry Vest

2016 has come to a busy, busy end and I am looking forward to taking it a little easier in the new year. So many people are wanting this year to be over, but I for one, I am so thankful for all the things we have been able to do and experience this year. I achieved the goals I set for myself. I have a renewed focus on my day job and this blog.

Stay tuned in 2017 for more collaborative work and more of our everyday life in Central Australia.  Wishing you all a very happy new year, thank you so much for reading  xx

Easy Composting

 photo Food-Scraps_zpsadec15b0.jpg

We've started composting and it turns out that composting is easy. I wish we'd started earlier. All you need is:

1. A bucket/container to collect your kitchen scraps - I suggest you make this small so you empty it more often. They start to smell if left too long.

2. A larger composting bin outside to collect the kitchen scraps and lawn clippings/garden clippings. You can get a big bin like ours from any hardware store.

3. A large garden fork or shovel to turn the mixture
It's that easy.

They say not to add meat or dairy, bread or cake to the compost, but you can add vacuum cleaner dust and moist newspapers. I also keep some of the coffee grounds separate to add to the herb garden weekly. As with most babies, a lot of what we feed Lulu ends up on the floor, so now it can go to help our garden.

You can find out more about composting here.

 photo Compost_zps958a4f9b.jpg

The herb garden

 photo 95D3FBFD-17CA-43DC-997C-64C5A23EEE2B-2802-0000016DA04B10B9_zps7325c82c.jpg
Ok, I have to be super honest with you, everything I planted in the herb garden last spring died over the long hot summer, except the basil and the mint. The coriander died about a month in when we hit the first day over 38C but the parsley kicked on until Christmas. The mint hung in there just barely, every time I thought it was gone, a cool change came and it returned to a luscious green colour.  And the spring onion? Well, that never really took off.  Basil, however, seems to thrive in the heat and is still going strong. A few flowers have come out on it and I should have cut them off but a bee was busily enjoying the flowers and I didn't have the heart. I have since cut them off so the basil won't go to seed.

As for late summer/autumn planting? I'm trying the parsley (curly and flat leaf) and spring onion again. There wasn't any coriander at our garden shop so I'm going to assume that it is the wrong time of year for it. The local garden shop is great like that, only stocks herbs and veggies that it is the right time to plant. 

You may remember my resolution about being a little greener and using coffee grinds in the garden? Well, the coffee grind fertiliser seems to be working ok. I mix the coffee grinds with water and pour them onto the soil. When I water the garden each evening I check that there aren't any big clumps of coffee and if there are I break them down. That way water can still seep through the soil. The basil seems to be thriving on it.

How's your garden going? What are you planting at the moment? I'd love to hear any tips you have on gardening and what to plant for the coming winter.
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