Pregnancy Essentials

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Though a wonderful joy, pregnancy can be down right uncomfortable with swollen feet/legs/body, an ever growing stomach, sore back and a myriad of other afflictions. So today I'm sharing a few essential things that have helped my get through this pregnancy in a little more comfort and style:

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1. Pregnancy multivitamins to keep you and the baby healthy.

2. The most beautiful smelling 

face and body cleanser

 - this says on your skin for hours. Perfect for an evening bath.

3.  Milo satisfies your chocolate cravings, while also being a source of iron.

4. While this is a bath and shower oil, you can use it as a very intensive moisturiser, perfect for really dry skin and a growing belly.

5. Epsom salts to ease achy muscles in the bath

6. You will need to go up an underwear size. These from Aerie are so comfy. I stocked up big when I was in Canada at Christmas but you can order online from Australia.

7. A


for your back

8. A stretchy black dress from Cotton On. This dress will stretch without going see through, is super comfortable and at $19 it is the perfect price for your maternity wear budget.

What helped you get through your pregnancy?

  Please add to this list in the comments. Anything to make pregnancy a little easier is more than welcome!