On Cooking or not

I recently read this article by Mindy Berry about her Mom who never cooked. Instead of cooking her mum played tennis every afternoon when she finished work and bought home take away. Big box takeaways hadn’t made it to their town yet, but they had a rotation of takeaways like chinese food or restaurant takeaway. And her mom never felt guilty about it, never!

She didn’t like to cook. She didn’t find it relaxing or rewarding to “have something in the oven.” Her own mother didn’t get satisfaction from making meals, and she didn’t encourage my mom, or any of us, to take it up.
— Mindy Berry

This is a revelation - not cooking each night & no guilt. Each Thursday night we have a rotation of hot dogs or dino nuggets and tater tots. Sometimes I’ll add peas to their plate of dino nuggets but sometimes we don’t have any peas, so no greens that night. There’s always a small amount of guilt that they aren’t having healthy foods. That I could be cooking something much better for them. Why don’t I just put on pasta with spinach? Well, that would lead to two pots and a strainer to clean up. Those dino nuggets only leave one tray to wipe and often it can fit in the dishwasher - win win.

In these days of instagram / pinterest / wellness / healthy living it appears that everyone is making healthy food and that you are the only one that isn’t. Maybe they are cooking healthy every night and maybe they aren’t. But just maybe you don’t have to feel guilty about what you are serving your little ones. Mindy and her siblings survived and became adults who cook. So just maybe your kids will survive too.

On cooking or not

Baby Sleep Update

Zelda's sleep problems appeared to get better. One night towards the end of February Zelda just slept through the night. She repeated it again the next night and the next. For most of March, while we were on holiday, she slept through the night. Then she stopped. 

For all of April she woke up at least two times a night. She used to sleep in until 7, but then started getting up around 6. One night towards the end of April she slept through, but it was just one night. Towards the end of May, after escalating to 4 plus wake ups a night and 5:30am starts, we couldn't take it anymore. With the new baby coming, there was no way we could continue to live like this.

We had wanted to engage a sleep consultant when we were on holiday, but Zelda timed her sleeping through the night again with our holiday and we falsely assumed that it would last. I happened to be home from work sick & was scrolling through instagram when I came across a post about the Sleep & Grow Company. The Sleep & Grow Company has helped this mum reclaim hours of sleep and changed their lives. I immediately looked up the website and sent an enquiry that morning. By the following evening we had had an initial over the phone consultation with Vikki and had been emailed a plan of action. 

The plan of action helped us put into place a number of things that we knew we should be doing but had not been consistent with. Knowing that it was all written down and easy to follow, with help available, helped us to be consistent. What I also loved was that the action plan involved Zelda, it spoke to her at her level, telling her what was going to happen and bringing her along with the sleep program. The advantages of her being a little older that the average baby sleep problems. 

If your baby/toddler/small child is having sleep problems do not leave it as long as we did and blame all other things under the sun. Get some help. Contact the Sleep and Grow Company. You won't regret it. Everything is more rosy when you've all had some sleep.

Zelda is even napping in the daytime again, all thanks to Vikki!

Zelda is even napping in the daytime again, all thanks to Vikki!

Link Love - parenting, gardening & candid

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Who needs a fancy cupholder?
I love polenta but I tell you what, it certainly does not love me. Each time I make it I end up getting burnt, so Wednesday night I wore long sleeves that covered my hands thinking that I had outsmarted it. But no, I hadn't, I still ended up getting burnt, this time on my face! FU Polenta. Next time I wear a full face helmet and armour!

We spent the week clearing up from the stormageddon that turned Alice Springs upside down last Friday. I've trimmed back the lime tree, pulled out dead plants from my pots and fertilised the soil ready for planting some herbs this weekend. I've missed growing basil, mint, parsley and spring onion. What's on the cards for you this weekend?

Catching my eye on the interwebs:

On celebrating your wedding anniversary by Zo They Say

On co-sleeping by The Grace Tales - we co slept with Lulu - it's such a taboo topic around health professionals but so many people co sleep. You go to do what gets you through, hey?

Have you tried this hangover cure?

5 life lessons from candid photos

Janet Waldo, the voice of Judy Jetson (among other roles) died last week at age 96 - I was a huge Jetsons fan!

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Happy Weekend!

Post Natal Recovery

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This weekend's link love is dedicated to post natal recovery. I have to admit that when Lulu was born I wrote about the birth, breastfeeding, pumping, sleep, but nothing about post natal recovery. That part seemed sidelined to the immediate necessity of learning to care for a newborn baby.

This time around we know how to care for a newborn, that part is 'routine' and what is obviously not routine is the changes in me. The tiredness, or lack of - for some reason I just coped at the hospital and while Zelda was there but since we are both home I feel tired all the time and struggle to get up during the night. This may be because I am doing more during the day or the tiredness from before finally caught up with me?!

Milk Production
Adjusting to milk production and breastfeeding is no joke. I blame this for bursting into tears at least once a day, though it could also be the lack of sleep. My eyes look terrible. Am hoping an eye treatment on Thursday will help fix this. However, my boobs feel way better this time round. Last time they hurt like hell each time I pumped. But this time it's way better, pretty much no pain at all. Now I see how women can stand to breastfeed for months on end - it doesn't always hurt. I will follow up soon with a post on how breastfeeding/pumping is working for us.

I'm not going to lie, c-section recovery is awful. In my experience (and I know this is not everyone's experience) recovery from vaginal birth was 100 times easier than c-section, and that was with stitches! By week three post vaginal I was exercising again - at least walking around the block a few times, but post c-section, at almost 4 weeks, I am still sore just walking around Target Country to buy baby supplies. I am so keen to start exercising and feel a little more like myself - be able to do what I could do before, but I am no where near there yet. Lulu has mentioned wanting her mum back. Which is more than a little heartbreaking.

Anyway, here are a list of links where I have found tips to help me with my post natal recovery:

10 tips for postnatal recovery from Life By Bri

C-Section recovery must haves from XO, Mrs Measom - this post helped really helped me prepare for the possibility of a c-section.

The best analysis of the c-section process and recovery that I have read from Alyssa on the Life Jolie

Dressing for the 4th Trimester by the Fresh Exchange - this post goes way beyond dressing, discussing what you are thinking/feeling, including why you may need to wear sunglasses a lot!

If you could go back before you had your baby, what would you tell yourself? by The Grace Tales

What tips do you have for post natal recovery?

Me - Peter Alexander nightgown
Lulu - Bonds
Zelda - Hospital issue clothes & blanket