A weekend at Kings Canyon Campground

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On the recent long weekend friends of ours invited us out to Kings Canyon for the weekend. We were torn about going as we really needed to pack up our house so that the builders could do their worst, but a break out of town sounded nice so we compromised and went for one night. Boy were we glad we did! It was beautiful out there. We drove out to Kings Canyon via the Mereenie Loop. I had heard the worst stories about the Mereenie Loop but the road did not live up to any of them. It was as soothe as a dirt road could be. At no point did I feel scared (as happens often normally on dirt roads).
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Nick and I had been there a few years ago (turns out if was 5 - eek we are getting old!). That time we stayed in one of Kings Canyon Resort spa rooms and did the 6km rim walk, so this time we didn't feel the pressure to do that kind of stuff. Plus a 6km walk around the top of a canyon is not exactly toddler friendly. Luckily the campground had lots of other toddler friendly activities.

Our friends had booked a few of the budget lodge rooms at the campground and it was fabulous. Our rooms looked out over the ranges. Each room had a plastic table and chairs so we joined them all together to make a spot for the adults to hang out and laid out a picnic rug for the kids to play on with their toys. We managed to get the kids to sleep at the same time and with the bigger (teenage) kids occupied by computer games, we were able to enjoy an adults only BBQ dinner.
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Prior to dinner we made it up to the sunset viewing platform and were blown away by the spectacular view. There as a wooden 'boardwalk' leading out amongst the desert oaks to a spot where the resort had built some seating (and a portable bar) to view the ranges as the sun sets. A lovely tourist took our photo for us. Speaking of tourists, some that we met were a little disappointed that we hadn't come from a more exotic location than good old Alice Springs. The old 'where're ya from & where're ya headed' apparently isn't as exciting if the answer is 'from Alice Springs and this [Kings Canyon] is our destination'. 'Here, you mean this is it? You're not travelling further?' Oh well, can't win them all!
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Aren't the desert oak trees magnificent? Kings Canyon was just lovely and we will certainly be travelling there again.

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A trying day....

So today we started the day with a poo, timed for when there was no nappy, that went all over the carpet. Over breakfast with her dad she projectile vomited over her pram and the kitchen cupboards. After an extremely short morning nap, we moved onto vomiting on me and herself just as we were about to leave for lunch. She was awake and grizzly all day aside from the hour we lunched with a friend and her small son. Once we were back home she vomited again over herself and me. I gave up & put on pyjamas and she finally, after a little more food, fell asleep for an hour. Shouldn't babies sleep for more than 3 hours during the day? Am sure it had something to do with the upset tummy, which is all better now. Onto tomorrow....