Zelda's Nursery Tour

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

Zelda's nursery came together the weekend before I went into labour. That nesting instinct is something else, hey? For some reason I just wanted it all done that weekend. I think because the following weekend Nick had a trip away planned and the weekend after that was just getting too close to the due date. Little did we know that Zelda had another due date planned!

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the PjsZelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the PjsZelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

We had kept Lulu's cot but in the intervening years it had gone a little moody in the shed, so we opted for a new cot from our local Target store for Zelda. A plant and a few pieces of art that we already owned, including a painting of her sister's went onto her shelf. A hand-me-down collection of shoes plus a new pint rabbit pair from the Small Store, a new cactus and tear out poster plus a mobile from Kmart and the room was pretty much done. This room doubles as a guest room so it includes a pallet bed with a caravan mattress for guests but I also imagine it as a reading space.

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

You can see the nursery inspiration here, Lulu's original nursery here and her second one here

Get the look:
Cot - Target
Cot Sheets - The Small Store
Cactus - Target
Change Table - Target
Chair - Kmart
Rug - Kmart
Mobile - Kmart
Cushion - Kmart
Painting - Lucy Hope
Car - Novita Gifts
Bunny - Vintage


The Small Store

 photo The-Small-Store-Long-Pin_zpsdyw4pbu5.jpg photo The-Small-Store-2_zpserejmnap.jpg

I came across the Small Store through a Facebook group and instantly fell in love with their beautiful baby products. The Small Store stocks a fabric baby goods such as nappy pouches, bibs, shoes and cot sheets. The nappy pouch is so handy for swapping from one bag to another and the cot & bassinet sheets are so well made with the most adorable tag. Cot flat and fitted sheets are not often sold separately and I was delighted to find that the small store offer this option. With a sleeping sack or swaddle you don't need a flat sheet.

The woman behind the Small Store is Sydney mum of two, Hayley. Hayley has graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her business and herself.

The idea for the Small Store came from..... 
The small store came about as I was a mum-in-waiting. I finally had some time to myself as I stepped on the hamster wheel of everyday work/life. Sewing was something I had done with my mum as a child. Though I'm not doing it with my children, my son (2) likes to pretend at the sewing machine I am doing it for them.

The most challenging part of running your own business is.....
Time! Most days I wish there were more hours in the day. Others I wish for less. It's hard to get that balance between mum, work, wife,and socialising (that definitely hits the backburner) without burning out.

Your time management secret is.....
Kids napping at the same time. Doesn't often happen but when it does my house whirs with the sound of my sewing machine.

Your style essentials are....
Monochromes and grey tones. Love a piece of timeless black and I'm going back to the simple prints of stripes, spots etc. Less is more.
Also, my mum would be so proud to hear I do have a very soft spot for a floral. 

You relax by..... 
Truly, sewing. Its my unwind, my 'I' zone, my creative outlet and while it does offer its own pressures I find they are different to the pressures of 2 kids (under 2!). Plus it's seen as a valid excuse to skip the housework by my husband; I've done some good brainwashing work there.

A huge thanks to Hayley for giving us a little insight into what makes the Small Store store tick. I find it so inspiring to read about how mums are making their businesses work. Far from finding time, it's about making time & loving what you do. If sewing is your way to unwind, make it your business. It's win win!

Check out the Small Store on Instagram or Shop here

 photo The-Small-Store-Cloud-Sheets_zpslheu1sho.jpg
 photo The-Small-Store-Arrow-Basinette-Sheets_zpscx804yla.jpg

Ps Eat Drink Shop Alice Springs City Guide, The Nappy Collective Alice Springs 2016

Nappy pouch - @thesmallstore
Shoes - @thesmallstore
Bib - @thesmallstore
Basinet sheet - @thesmallstore
Cot sheet - @thesmallstore
Cot - @targetaus
Rug - @kmartaus
Wrap - @modernburlap
Blanket - @targetaus
Photography & Styling - @girlinthepjs

This post was a collaboration between @girlinthepjs & @thesmallstore

Nursery Inspiration

Girl in the Pjs: Nursery Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few photos that have given me a little inspiration for Zelda's room. I'm thinking feathers, cactus & soft pinks. Here is the moodboard:

Girl in the Pjs: Nursery Inspiration Moodboard

And here is a closer look at each nursery:
Nursery Inspiration
Hanging eucalyptus on Mini Style Blog
Nursery Inspiration
Hanging bright feather necklace on Chelsea's Instagram
Nursery Inspiration
Cactus on Boo and the Boy
Nursery Inspiration
Tassels on 100 Layer Cake-let
Nursery Inspiration
Textures on Ses and Jen
Nursery Inspiration
Indoor plants and a cute bassinet crib on xomrsmeasom

Nursery Inspiration
Cactus on 100 Layer Cake-let
Ps Nursery Before and After & Lulu's Nursery Tour

Lulu's Nursery Tour

 photo shelf2_zps9175076e.jpg photo mobile_zpsbf8b079d.jpg photo shelf_zpsea06ad21.jpg photo cot1_zps886f459d.jpg photo room-1_zps216b2662.jpg photo chair_zps380b91a6.jpg
I have to be honest here and state that for the most part, Lulu's room is always a little bit messy. Every time I've thought of photographing it, I've changed my mind because as soon as I put things away, she pulls them back out again. I guess that's what a room filled with her things is supposed to be! For this reason, the tour includes only close up shots, no full room photos.

After setting up this nursery for a newborn Lulu, we bought a new* house when she was four months old. Looking back I cannot believe we moved house when Lulu was only four months old! Crazy. Moving did give me the opportunity to change the nursery into more of a toddler room, introducing space for play. After living in the house for a month we went on a trip to Adelaide and picked up a few things from Ikea to help make the room more of a kid zone.

In the last few weeks Lulu has started disappearing to her room to play. It sure has been fun catching her busy in the tent with her toys.

1. Enjoy sign - gift, Dolls - Ollie's Vintage
2. Bunting - gift, Mobile - made by me
3. Drawing, Dolls and shoes - gifts, carasel money box - vintage
4. Cot - IKEA, Monkey - BlaBla Kids, Sleepsuit - Bonds
5. Side table - vintage, Books - Dymocks and Amazon, Curtains - IKEA
6. Tent - IKEA, Bear - gift, Chair - vintage
7. Chair - IKEA, Cushions - Kmart

*to us. The house was built in 1954 & renovated in 1972.

The Nursery - before & after

 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery_zpsfrvliujt.jpg
The nursery came together slowly over a number of weeks. Since the baby wasn't due until March there wasn't much point in starting on the nursery until the rest of the house was finished. Come Christmas however, I was starting to get a little panicky about not having anything for the nursery. So I ordered the cot from Ikea and begun the process of slowly gathering things for the nursery and we were lucky enough to be given a few wonderful things from friends for the baby. 

This is what the nursery looked like before:
 photo Nursery-Before_zpsfidpkdie.jpg
We painted the walls a Dulux grey called 'Grey Expectations'.  It was the only grey we could find that didn't have pink in it. The ceiling is Dulux 'Whistper White'. We removed the vertical blinds and installed curtains from Ikea.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-5_zpsliiu8kv9.jpgThe bookshelves were from Kmart. They hold many more books than I thought they would. Nick was the trooper who put everything together. 
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-3_zpssdkgtevz.jpg
 I'd kept a few things from when I was a kid. The orange dog was my favourite soft toy. The others above were acquired in my teenage years. The Monster at the end of this book was my favourite book. Luella may be a little too young for Babysitters Club books, but the colours looked so cool that I thought they should stay out.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-7_zpsdnxxw3fv.jpg
We're using a bakers rack for the change table. It's the perfect height to change her without having to bend & we'll be able to use it again one she no longer needs a change table.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-8_zpstnbki8yd.jpg
Nick & I made the mobiles using tissue paper flowers, sticks & fishing line (hard to find in Alice Springs, but strangely enough, BBQs Galore have it). I'm stoked that she actually stares at the mobile while being changed.  

My friend had organised her baby clothes by size in the baby's wardrobe & I thought I'd borrow this idea, however the wardrobe in the nursery is our storage cupboard so I bought these boxes instead & used liquid chalk to write the sizes on.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-2_zpsg1bewd9a.jpg
It was such a relief to have everything finished for her. And now she doesn't even sleep in there, she sleeps in the pram in our room! Over the weekend we're going to move the cot into our room for the next month or so. One day she'll sleep in there, one day.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-1_zpsx61teynp.jpg

February Photo-a-day week 1.5

I've been participating sporadically in the Fat Mum Slim February Photo a Day Challenge. As my total photos for Feb are 4, I thought I'd throw in my two crafternoon photos from this week. 

Monday I made a mobile for above the baby crib. See finished product in the Nursery Before and After
Wednesday I made a lot of bunting for our pre-baby BBQ this weekend. Photos of the finished products will be shown soon, I promise :)