Seven Things to Read Do Listen in March

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This month's seven things:

We have picked up watching the Brink again - a Jack Black political comedy - it is hilarious.

Listening to Father John Misty on my recent flight take off helped calm my nerves.

Reading Devil's Bridge by Linda Fairstein. It's getting near the end & I am very afraid that it's not going to be resolved in this one book!

Wearing the most comfortable Kip and Co Pjs  - Lulu has a set too, that she loves. Perfect pjs for both kids and adults

I will be eating as much Easter chocolate as I can while Lulu is away and there is no need to set a good example!

Sorting out the spare room using these principals

Taking a mini break here

Seven Things to Read, Listen, Eat, Drink or Watch

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Here are seven things that I have been into lately that you may also like:

The Gillard Project by Julia Gillard’s speech writer is currently on my coffee table. While he sounds a little cocky, he does have enormous respect for Gillard. Her achievements tend to blur as time goes on, but she did achieve a lot and it is worth remembering. It's an interesting read.

The folk festival reminded me about First Aid Kit and their album have been on repeat ever since, along with Fanny, of course. I love Fanny.

I have switched back to black coffee during the work day and have been feeling much better for it. You aren't supposed to feel bloated after every coffee apparently!

A few weeks ago I started running outdoors again. There is something about being out in the crisp winter air that is just lovely. My tip to you is not to give up before you hit the 3k mark. The first 3ks of the run are a bit of a struggle but after 3k I tend to settle in and find a groove. 

I made this cranberry thyme gin cocktail recently and it was divine.

These cookies are absolutely delicious - make them and eat them today!

Looking forward to watching The Brink. The trailer looks hilarious:


Link Love

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Sunset over the back fence
This weekend has gotten off to a cracking start with Lulu chucking one of my necklaces into the toilet. An Alexandra Zumbo necklace with fabric tassels. That baby is gone. The weekend can only get better right?

Catching my eye on the internet this week....

Frank Turner has a new album coming out in August details here

Cant wait to make these delicious sesame soba noodles with smoke salmon and cucumber 

Five most and least accurate episodes of Bones 

This horrifying story of Toxic Shock Syndrome - why the warnings on the packet are not enough & why you should use only organic cotton tampons & change them regularly.