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We're off for a short break - I'm unsure how much time we'll actually spend at the beach with the weather looking quite cool but it will be lovely to leave town for a bit and enjoy some time together as a family.

Catching my eye on the internets lately:

The Grace Tales chats with Zoe Foster Blake

Halloween Styling ideas on Four Cheeky Monkeys

Slate's Trumpcast tries to explain how and why Trump is happening

Amanda Seyfried speaks about her struggle with OCD & why she will continue to take medication for it.

Ask for Angela - This is an awesome idea that should be rolled out in all towns

Lorna Jane calls bullshit

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Happy Weekend!

Link Love - Embrace, Flowers and School Holidays

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Monday and Tuesday went so slowly with school holidays. I'm unsure why I decided that we'd not only spend both days at home but that I'd also go through all of Lulu's clothes and 'things' that have collected over the year. While Lulu did get behind the tidying up, I think it will be good to show her that I am also going through my things and passing them on. Yesterday we got out of the house and went to the Museum and the park. That day ended in tears too as Lulu just became too tired and it ended up so hot yesterday. Smaller outings and weekend at home to recover.

Catching my eye this week:
Embrace has a powerful message and is on again at Araluen on 16th Oct - read this review from Kirsty Cole before you go

On accepting that love can come at any size

Love this super easy halloween decorations - all you need is a balloon and a texta

You're not meant to do what you love, you're meant to do what you are good at

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Happy Weekend x

Link Love - Movies, TV & Minimalism

Link Love | Girl in the Pjs
It's the weekend again, yay!! I have been feeling much better this week and luckily as I spent the majority of the week in meetings as part of my work (I'm still on maternity leave but there are some things that I still need to do), which included a field trip to the Alcoota Fossil Site with the main Palaeontologist, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the site. It was a fascinating trip.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

Interesting read about how Facebook targets you with ads

This list of 15 documentaries you need to watch includes two docos on female photographers that I'm going to have to watch

Speaking of films, 10 book to film adaptations coming soon

A few sensible thoughts on the whole minimalism craze

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Happy Weekend xx