Frockin' up: New Kip & Co AW17 Pjs

The girls and I popped into Olivia's Closet on the weekend and had a sneak peak at the new Kip & Co AW17 collection. I stumbled across their pjs this time last year and haven't looked back. Their pjs are so comfortable and wash well time after time. Lulu's are now getting a little short on her so luckily there is a new collection to get her through this winter.

The new Kip & Co AW17 collection is available for pre-order at Olivia's Closet from today! Can we talk for just a second about how nice it is to have a shop in town to go to and actually touch, feel and size up kids clothes that we'd otherwise only see on the internets? Yep, it's great.

Here are our picks:

There are also beautiful wraps for babies and these gorgeous playmate - If only Zelda stayed still for more than a second!


Head into Olivia's Closet and order your pick today. The Kip & Co AW17 Collection will be in store late March.

Pics from Kip & Co.


Gardening with kids

 photo Gardening-for-kids1_zpskkzv0xnd.jpg
A few months back, we were at the garden shop picking up some herbs to plant when Lulu requested that we also plant some vegetables. I normally shy away from growing anything beyond herbs as I never remember to water them, then they die. It's like throwing away my money. But since Lulu asked and it seemed like a good activity, I said yes. She chose carrots, peas and beetroot. We planted, we watered. I then remembered to water and when I didn't, have been lucky that this has been a very rainy late winter/spring.

Low and behold, vegetables have grown. We have eaten some peas and carrots and there's still more. We're waiting on the beetroot, letting it grow a little bigger. It is terribly exciting. Lulu is so proud of her vegetables. Now for us to get the fruit trees back on track for next year.
 photo Gardening-for-kids_zpsoktn1der.jpg

An evening at the Alice Springs Desert Park

 photo An-Evening-at-the-Desert-Park_zpsqwzmqhrb.jpg


Alice Springs Desert Park

recently had an open evening. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I went to the Desert Park. Like over ten years! Turns out that a lot has changed in 10 years. There is now an aquarium, a desert waterlife exhibit, a dingo enclosure and many more fun things for kids.

The Desert Park presents an number of different desert ecosystems and contributes to the conservation of desert flora and fauna. The nocturnal house is still my favourite. You can see all sorts of desert animals that only come out at night like the b

rush-tailed phascogale

. Lulu loved the aquarium - yes there are desert fish!

Here are a few photos from our visit & if you are ever in Alice Springs, put

the Desert Park

at the top of your to do list! 

 photo Desert-Park-2_zps0qzbys0w.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-3_zpspgctgooj.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-1_zpskvqi42e3.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-4_zpstwuilqbn.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-5_zpsb5j3glmh.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-6_zpsdezdfa7m.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-7_zpsr3tsy2lw.jpg

10 Kids Activities in Palm Springs

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When we were booking our trip, the travel agent told us that we only really needed 2 days in Palm Springs. Anything more and we's get bored. There's not much to do there, he said, better to spend only two days and then hit up theme parks in San Diego. There's nothing wrong with theme parks but we had planned three days at Disneyland at the beginning of the trip so for the end of the trip we were after something a little different. A week in Palm Springs sounded perfect, so we insisted on a week in Palm Springs and boy are we so glad we did! Even after a week we still hadn't done all of the activities that Palm Springs has to offer and we didn't visit a single golf course, not one (there are apparently 145 golf courses in Palm Springs, though the number varies depending on who you talk to!). This post is a little round up of 10 kids activities in Palm Springs.

 photo Palm-Springs-Art-Museum_zpswbjdd9fs.jpg

Palm Springs Art Museum

The activities tested by us:


The Palm Springs Art Museum


Cabezon Dinosaurs

(this is not a whole day trip)


Sunnylands Centre

(we did this the same day as the Art Museum)


Joshua Tree National Park

(a day trip)

5. Playground then swimming

6. Walk around downtown


Palm Springs Architecture Design Museum

 photo Sunnylands_zpsixovcslk.jpg

Sunnylands Centre

What we were not able to do:


Aerial Tramway


Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert

10. Hire a bike trailer and bike around town

 photo Joshua-Tree-National-Park_zpsdepslfu7.jpg

Joshua Tree

Have you been to Palm Springs? Is there anything that I'm missing?

We had such a good time there. I throughly recommend it as a holiday destination.

Tips for a ski trip with kids

 photo Tips-for-a-ski-trip-with-kids_zpsesjvhjfn.jpg

Today I am sharing a few things we learnt on this past ski trip with Lulu. Some of these things are things I wish I knew earlier, some are things that worked well for us. Here are my tips for a ski trip with kids:


Book ski school / daycare when you book your accomodation

- Daycare was booked out when we were at Fernie and it was heartbreaking, not only for us but also for Lulu who wanted to play with kids.



- Put aside $200 and buy kids ski clothes when you first arrive in the cold country. That being said if you arrive any later than December into Canada there will only be bathers in store, so stock up before you leave. If you are skiing in Australia you can hire ski clothes, so no need to buy kids clothing that they probably won't wear again.

3. Equipment

- This you can hire at any ski resort, but it is usually cheaper to hire in town before you go 'up the mountain'.

4. Be prepared for kids to last about an hour before they want a snack/lunch/break

 - most days I don't think Lulu even lasted an hour.

5. Mittens

- buy more than one pair of mittens. These things get eaten just like socks.

6. Book ski in / ski out accomodation

- Yes it costs more but is totally worth it when your kid cracks it after only 1/2 hour of skiing and refuses to ski for the rest of the day. If we weren't staying on the mountain one of us would have had to drive back to town while the other skied. No fun at all. Ski in / Ski Out accomodation meant we could trade off hanging out in the room with Lulu.

7. Book accomodation with a pool

- As per my Tips for travelling with kids post, a pool gives you a non-skiing physical activity to do.

Do you have any tips for a ski trip with kids? Am sure there are many more!

 photo Tips-for-a-ski-trip-with-kids-1_zps4ojpsncm.jpg

Surprise Gift Ideas for Kids from Lush

I had never thought of Lush as a place to get presets for little kids. Sure teenagers will love their products, but little kids had never crossed my mind, until... their catalogue appeared in our mailbox one day. I was looking though it on the couch and Lulu came up to see what I was doing. In that way that pre-schoolers do, she quickly snatched the catalogue from me and proceeded to point out all the things that she would like Santa to bring.

Lush is perfect as you don't end up with piles of broken plastic toys. Their products a useful and they don't hurt the environment. Plus they are perfect gifts for a travelling holiday as the kids can use them while you are away. It's win win.

Here are Lulu's picks from the Lush Christmas catalogue

Surprise Gift Ideas for Kids From Lush

Lulu's picks of the surprise gift ideas for kids from Lush include:

1. Snowman Fun - your kids can make this snowman. The snowman can then be used to make bubbles and clean your kid. It's a versatile snowman.

2. Fairy Dust Dusting Powder - Ok so I'm not exactly sure what this fairy dust does, however it does promise to keep you 'fresh for big adventures'. Anything fairy dust is fine by Lulu.

3. Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - The name says it all. Just crumble under running water for lots of bubbles.

4. Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar  - Again, you can't go wrong with fairy stuff. Swirl it around the bath for magic bubbles then put it aside to use again.

Next time your stuck for a gift for a little kid, head to Lush!

*this post was not sponsored by Lush, I just wanted to share my magical discovery with you all!