Wildflower Explosion in Central Australia 2016

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This year has seen a bumper wildflower season. I think it must be the rainy winter that we've had that has lead to the wildflower explosion in Central Australia. Beyond our back fence and even in our yard (though there would have been more had I not been so militant about getting rid of 'weeds') there are wildflowers everywhere. On an average year there are normally a few along the river, but not everywhere else. It has been wonderful to see. I also think that we are seeing more due to the amazing efforts of the community landcare groups that have worked to get rid of the buffel grass and saltbush in the swamp and the buffel grass around Spencer Hill.

Below are a few more photos of the wonderful wildflowers that have appeared this year.

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 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016-3_zps4iiugphx.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016_zpslk1tyihw.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016-2_zpsmoewriho.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Alice-Springs-2016-1_zpssgzwakw5.jpg
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Link Love - Embrace, Flowers and School Holidays

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Monday and Tuesday went so slowly with school holidays. I'm unsure why I decided that we'd not only spend both days at home but that I'd also go through all of Lulu's clothes and 'things' that have collected over the year. While Lulu did get behind the tidying up, I think it will be good to show her that I am also going through my things and passing them on. Yesterday we got out of the house and went to the Museum and the park. That day ended in tears too as Lulu just became too tired and it ended up so hot yesterday. Smaller outings and weekend at home to recover.

Catching my eye this week:
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Happy Weekend x

Link Love

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This week has been hard. We've all been sick, Lulu & I have both had conjunctivitis as well as fighting other viruses. I was fortunate enough to be able to take Monday off and spend it with Lulu getting better. In the morning we watched Mary Poppins and in the afternoon we both had a two hour afternoon nap. Lulu has given up her afternoon nap but Monday it just was not negotiable, she was able to nap in my bed, with me and we both got 2 hours, yay! She then didn't really drop off to sleep that night until about 9 but that is a different story.

Catching my eye on the internet this week...

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I am a little bummed to be missing Wide Open Space festival on as we speak. Yes camping with conjunctivitis and a toddler did not sound appealing. You can read about the last time we went to Wide Open Space here.

Happy Long Weekend! May we all get over what ails us. 

We need flowers

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The other morning Lulu and I were sitting on the porch waving good bye to Nick as he left much earlier for work than we needed to. Lulu turned to me and asked 'mum, can we go to the shops' and I replied 'no, we don't need to buy anything' and she answered back 'but we doooo'. I asked 'what do we need?' and she replied 'I can flowers for you and you can buy flowers for me'. Too cute! Take home message - you always need flowers. 
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photo 1
photo 2

Adventures in the Front Garden

Last Sunday Lulu & I got stuck into the front garden. Having 'lost' our hideous old mail box a few weekends ago and replaced it with a modern mailbox, the front yard looked ready for a few hearty natives that might thrive in a sunny spot.

Lulu & I arrived at the local plant shop just as it was opening - my goodness how quickly I've forgotten that not everyone has been up since 6am! The shop has a box of toys that Lulu is quite familiar with and she dived into the box after saying hello to the owner's dog, Peggy Sue. I quickly found the plants I was looking for and a set of small desert flowering plants (Portulaca Cocktail) for the front garden. We packed up the toys and walked the plants home in two goes. Luckily our pram is easy to steer with one arm!

Lulu helped dig the holes (ie fill in the holes while I dug them) and she loved watering the plants once they were in. Once all the plants were in the ground I embarked on tidying up the pathways around our garden & pulled out four bins worth of dead leaves and sticks! Lulu will no longer be trapped walking to our tap.

Anyway, please admire our new letterbox below and the concrete stump to the right that remains as a memorial to the old one (I promise it is not staying!). You can read about what happened to the poor old letter box here.
 photo front-garden_zpsd989eb55.jpg
Kangaroo Paw on the far right & two green spindly bushes to the right of the letterbox (I've forgotten what they are called). The Portulaca Cocktail flowers are out of fame in front of the new letterbox. 

Valentines Day Traditions

Valentines Day Traditions.jpg
Happy Valentines Day! Valentines day is not really a big deal in Australia and is mainly celebrated once you have a partner, but as a kid I went to school in Texas for 6 months and I was a little surprised to find out how much of a big deal it was even amongst 4th Graders. My class had a party and everyone gave valentines to each classmate. I had thought that you only gave valentines to the boy you liked, not everyone, and as I didn’t like any of the boys in my class I didn’t gave a Valentine to anyone. I remember being a little embarrassed that day that I didn’t know how much of a big deal it was. I received many lovely Valentines (these are smallish cards that you can buy in a pack to give out at school) from my classmates and it really is a nice way for kids to show their appreciation for others.

Do you have any Valentines traditions? This morning on instagram Jools Oliver showed a picture of a decorated Valentines breakfast table she’d set for her kids. I think this is a lovely way for a family to celebrate Valentines Day. Cute heartshape pancakes, decorations and love for each other. Then the parents can have a romantic dinner in the evening. I know the old excuse that you shouldn’t need a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ to buy some flowers for your partner or to have a nice dinner together, but you know what? Sometimes you do need a Hallmark reminder to stop for a second and take some time out to be together.

PS Lulu made me a Valentine at daycare today - too cute. I may have cried a little!
PPS Valentines Day 2011

Flowers, rest and play

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The weekend started off with a bang, having to take Lulu to the hospital after being unable to get a GP appointment in town. She vomited at daycare on Thursday and was sent home. While the vomiting had stopped by Friday morning, her temp was still up and she was a little dehydrated. At the emergency department the doctors did some tests and she was given IV fluids. The poor baby refused to sleep anywhere but on me all day and anytime the slightest noise happened or I reached for something she'd wake up crying. It really was quite worrying. 

Despite my worry, the doctors weren't too worried about her. 'Nothing serious' was a quote from one of the student doctors and early evening we were able to come home so she could get a good night sleep in her own bed. She slept restlessly from 6, then a deep sleep from 9 until I heard her coughing just after 4am. She stayed asleep though the coughing and I dream fed her a bottle which she guzzled down & I knew then that she was on the mend. 

Saturday was spent quietly at home, recuperating from the worry of the previous day and a half. Lulu played a little but mainly slept lots. I drank tea and caught up on blogs. Nick finished building his new mountain bike. A friend cooked dinner for us & dropped it over, which is pretty much the nicest thing that could have happened. 

Sunday I went into work for a few hours to make up for leaving early on Thursday, while Lulu slept at home & Nick watched DVDs, then I stopped by a friend's baby's first birthday party. I can't believe the babies are turning 1 already. Thursday afternoon Lulu curled up next to me with her head in my lap while she slept, just like a big kid. It's too soon. 

First Mother's Day

A few pics from my Mother's Day. I was lucky enough to have a sleep in & when I did come downstairs, these wonder flowers and a present were waiting for me. The present was the fabulous yellow bag. We went out for breakfast/lunch. I was even more lucky to get an afternoon nap!! Then we went out for dinner with Nick's mum & her partner. I wore this awesome sparkly dress I picked up at Sportsgirl while we were in Adelaide. My mother-in-law gave me flowers too. I really was spoilt. A fabulous day. 


After an extremely busy week last week getting things done and two baby showers on the weekend (check back for more on the showers on Thursday), it has been nice to stop & rest for the last few days. Enjoying the flowers. Hope your week is going smoothly too.