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Welcome to the longest of long weekends! By now the weekend is in full swing. Lulu is at the beach house with her wonderful Grandma and Aunt. We are enjoying the peace and quiet. We have plans to catch up on all sorts of things like shed building and blog posting that are hard to fit into smaller time slots around children. But we may just end up sleeping for the entire weekend as Nick recovers from his accident last weekend and I, well, just usual pregnant stuff. What are your plans for the weekend?  So many people are heading out camping. Sounds fun but I just don't have the energy this year. Hope you have a wonderful easter, whatever you get up to x

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

This home makeover is just beautiful - I was crying by the end of the post

How not to do it all with two kids on Oh Joy

Big Issue Seller marries woman he met when she asked him for change  - This is such a heart warming story

Easter table styling on Dunne with Style

Adorable bunny ears

And don't forget that the Easter in the Alice mountain bike event is on this weekend. You can check out the events here

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Cute pic by Buddy and Bear

DIY Painted Easter Eggs

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I love looking at pictures of painted easter egg, they just look so beautiful. So detailed and delicate.

Have you ever painted easter eggs?

I have never tried but I think that painting easter eggs may not lie within my skill set, based on my recent experience

decorating cookies

. Although the chalkboard eggs might be a good starting point! If painted easter eggs are within your area of expertise or you just want to give it a crack (so to speak!) here are a few awesome DIYs for Painted Easter Eggs.

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Chalkboard Easter Eggs


Small Fry Blog

- let the kids decorate them with chalk

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Link Love - Easter Weekend

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Have you got plans for Easter? Camping, catching friends, are you at BluesFest? Mega jealous if you are. The last few weeks have been so busy and I know, everyone complains that they are busy, but seriously I've hardly had time to grab lunch these last few weeks. I am so glad that I've been able to make it to the gym or running at least 4 times a week, giving me a little me time that my lunch break used to offer. I am so looking forward to this break, as things are going to be just as busy after the break.

My lovely boss gave me an early mark this afternoon and I attended Lulu's Easter Hat Parade at her Daycare. The kids were so cute! Check out my instagram for a pic of Lulu. As for our Easter? We've planned a few catch ups with friends, a few family dinners and some time to relax. Oh and Nick's doing the 90km enduro race. Happy Easter!

This week's link love is gigantic to match the long, long weekend we all have:

The third piece rule - a little hard to enact in a hot Alice Springs summer - on Who What Wear

How do you sign your emails? When at Treasury Sheryl Sandberg signed hers 'Smiles, Sheryl' - I love this - More on The Hill

This study found that working mothers today spend almost double the time with their kids than mothers did in 1975! Let's stop the guilt, pat ourselves on the back and pour ourselves a gin & tonic. We're all doing ok.

Easter in the Alice Mountain Bike Competition is on this weekend - many opportunities to watch if your fitness is quite up to long distance mountain biking. Check out all the events here.

Adorable Easter Egg place cards over on Lark & Linen.

Yummy Easter recipes over on HomeLife.

While the writing hasn't started yet, the new season of Sherlock is shaping up to be quite interesting...

Flares are everywhere! Here, Here & Here.

Easter 2014

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Weekend that was

Warning! This post is image heavy. Turn away now if too many photos hurts your delicate sensitivity. If not, keep scrolling....
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Easter breakfast was at our place for the first time this year. Nick had fun hiding the eggs for the Easter egg hunt & I loved the opportunity to decorate the table. For the table centrepiece I saved empty egg shells and then spray painted the shells silver (the easiest way to paint egg shells that I could find, see photo below) then placed them delicately inside an egg carton with a little saltbush. Simple but a little stylish, I think.

On the menu - croissants with ham, cheese and tomato, bacon, scrambled eggs and fresh baby spinach, plus champagne, orange juice and of course chocolate eggs. My friend made the adorable chick cupcakes above.

After bunch the kids continued to play nicely (an Easter miracle) and us adults were able to carry on a conversation with little interruption (Easter miracle number two). In the early afternoon I ended up heading off for a nap, something that little miss Lulu decided she did not need. Agh. Let's hope this isn't a continuing trend! Nick followed up the chocolate Sunday with an 87km mountain bike race on Monday, while I cleaned my townhouse ready to rent it out again and Lulu helped her Grandma garden. How was your Easter weekend?
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PS The Egg haul