4 Steps for Wardrobe Organisation

For the past few months I have been scouring the web for inspiration for our new wardrobe and I have to say, it isn't a popular web topic. Nor do many of the photos I did find actually inspire me toward anything. I think wardrobes are one of those things where you know what you don't want, but find it hard to express what you DO want. Many posts respond to individual problems rather than general issues, so it's hard to translate the tips. Design Love Fest recently had a post on a Closet Makeover and the post was extremely helpful but again, many specific closet solutions rather than general.

4 Steps for wardrobe organisation


Here are a few general tips I have picked up for wardrobe organisation:

1. Empty out your wardrobe

This insures that you are only putting back exactly what you actually wear and/or love. I have a few things that I love, but pretty much never wear and I have to admit they have made their way back into the wardrobe.

2. Have two garbage bags handy

Inside one goes things that are clean that someone would wear again - things for the op shop

Inside the other goes things that no-one would ever wear again - underwear you're chucking, that t-shirt that the smell won't get out of - things for the bin.

3. Draws

Draws are so handy for hiding stuff. If your cupboard doesn't have draws, measure your space & then buy a cheap set to insert in there.

4. Shoe Storage

Getting shoe storage right can be so tricky. It really is the key that holds everything together. While I would love to say that mine look like the photo above, they really don't. I'm thinking a box for out-of season shoes and then the shoes I wear every day on a shelf like the ones above.

Here's to good wardrobe organisation!

A DIY dinosaur party

 photo Party-Dinosaurs_zpsqumk0zos.jpg
Lulu turned three at the end of February and when we asked her what kind of party she wanted she said a dinosaur party. Many other times before this she had said a Frozen party but this time she said a dinosaur party so we latched onto that idea and didn't ask again. The party date was set for the Sunday afternoon after we returned from holidays and it may have been a little ambitious to throw a party the day after returning from holidays. I would not recommend it. We had a list of decorations and food to make and it was all a little overwhelming until my mother-in-law offered to make the cake. Thank you! On the day a close friend came over and helped us ice cookies and cupcakes and make fairy bread - a lifesaver!

Dinosaur Party Decorations
For the party decorations we had the following:

Party hats for dinosaurs - I bought a mega pack of dinosaurs from Kmart and the night before Nick and I made party hats for the dinosaurs.

Bunting - No time for home made bunting this year. Kmart had cheap bunting in great colours so I purchased the bunting, table cloths, straws and paper plates from there.

Blow up dinosaurs - I spotted these on clearance at Kmart and snapped them up.

Party hats - from Woolworths

Balloons - I had bought some from Kmart but they couldn't stand the heat & popped. The ones from Woolies went the distance.

Party bags - I really don't like getting party bags full of lollies, so our party bags included a tiny tub of play-doh, a bag of prehistoric pizza shapes and a party blower. Kids have enough treats at the parties without filling party bags with lollies. Lulu helped put the party bags together.
 photo party-1_zps2ni4cojj.jpg photo party-3_zps5dehuivy.jpg photo party-girls_zpsxdc6uehc.jpg

Dinosaur Party Food
My mother-in-law had two reasonably sized dinosaur cookie cutters. We borrowed them and made:
Sugar cookies - using this recipe and this icing recipe.
Cupcakes - white wings packet cupcakes with Dollar Sweets Sprinkles Magic Jurassic Blitz
Fairy bread - the cookie cutters fit neatly on the diagonal, making two dinosaur shapes for each piece of fairy bread. Unfortunately I do not have a photo but you can get the idea here.

 photo Party-2_zpst467ktmx.jpg
And there you have it - a Dinosaur Party. To be honest I was so focused on getting everything ready for the party, it wasn't until near the end, the relaxing time, when I realised we'd need to do a clean up! If one parties, one must clean up. 

Holiday crafting with Clever Patch

 photo CP5_zpsfz8pv4mr.jpg
Just before Christmas the lovely people at CleverPatch sent me a box of craft goodies to do with Lulu. Unfortunately we ran out of days before we left for Christmas holidays to crack it open but this meant that we had a wonderful afternoon in early January digging through the crafty goodies.
 photo CP3_zpsfrlryama.jpg
CleverPatch is an online craft store. They have everything from inclusive kits to glue to pens for decorating ceramics. Lulu loved the idea of decorating a mug. She also got stuck into the glitter glue - glitter glue really is too much fun!
 photo CP1_zpsoszrt1ze.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised to find that CleverPatch also has a bunch of gardening stuff. Seed trays, terracotta pots, tools and planters. So if crafting isn't up your ally, you can get stuck into some gardening instead. My favourite would have to be the terracotta plant labels - I can't wait to get our veggie patch back up and running and use these super cute labels.

The Easter Weekend that was

Warning! This post is image heavy. Turn away now if too many photos hurts your delicate sensitivity. If not, keep scrolling....
 photo kneading_zps2031af97.jpg photo Yummy-Buns_zps48e04120.jpg photo brunch-table_zpsfd322f2e.jpg photo easter-pt-2_zps860b63b0.jpg
Easter breakfast was at our place for the first time this year. Nick had fun hiding the eggs for the Easter egg hunt & I loved the opportunity to decorate the table. For the table centrepiece I saved empty egg shells and then spray painted the shells silver (the easiest way to paint egg shells that I could find, see photo below) then placed them delicately inside an egg carton with a little saltbush. Simple but a little stylish, I think.

On the menu - croissants with ham, cheese and tomato, bacon, scrambled eggs and fresh baby spinach, plus champagne, orange juice and of course chocolate eggs. My friend made the adorable chick cupcakes above.

After bunch the kids continued to play nicely (an Easter miracle) and us adults were able to carry on a conversation with little interruption (Easter miracle number two). In the early afternoon I ended up heading off for a nap, something that little miss Lulu decided she did not need. Agh. Let's hope this isn't a continuing trend! Nick followed up the chocolate Sunday with an 87km mountain bike race on Monday, while I cleaned my townhouse ready to rent it out again and Lulu helped her Grandma garden. How was your Easter weekend?
 photo silver-easter-eggs-spray-paint_zps84fd39e8.jpg

PS The Egg haul 

Link Love - Valentines Day Ideas

In Australia, Valentine's Day is not the big event that it is in America. I explained a bit about why last Valentines Day and you can read that here. I love the day anyway & always try to make it a little special for Nick. Here are the best ideas I've seen this year:
 Valentines Day Ideas
1. You cannot go wrong with a glitter heart, also TomKat Studio
2. DIY mini vase magnets - not just a Valentine's idea - on Oh So Pretty
3. Again GLITTER - plus a puzzle for Lulu to do - on StudioDIY
4. Cute packaging on TomKat Studio

DIY Cupcake Wrapper Bunting

 photo DIY-cupcake-wrapper-bunting_zpse245607e.jpg

I'm not one for craft projects that take forever to complete, but I am partial to a little bunting. This garland is so simple and easy to make, all you need is the cupcake wrappers, string, glue and a pair of scissors.

1. Flatten out the Cupcake wrapper.
2. Put some glue on one half of the wrapper
3. Place the string in the centre of the wrapper
4. Fold the wrapper in half & make sure it sticks together. Add more glue if it doesn't.
5. When you've added enough wrappers, cut your string and tie them up.

 photo cupcake-wrapper-bunting_zps59ed996c.jpg

And there you have it, the easiest bunting ever!