Round Two, Three and Four Christmas 2016

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Christmas eve is always spent with Nick's Dad's family at his Uncle's house. His Aunt prepares a giant table for everyone - more than twenty at a long long table, with cold meats and delicious salads. Lulu is no longer the only child there and she loved playing all night with her cousins. In fact, she didn't want to leave, but we needed to head home to sprinkle food for the reindeer - a combination of oats and glitter that was sent home from pre-school - and put out cookies and orange juice for santa.

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After waking every few hours with Zelda extremely unsettled, we found Sir Elton giving himself a bath in the bathroom window early Christmas morning. This is not so unusual and we didn't think much of it until after we opened the presents when we discovered he was still there and I could see a little blood. I'd let him outside at 5:30am and between 5:30 and 6:15 when Zelda woke, he'd gotten in a fight. Luckily Lulu had received a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet kit. She knew exactly what to do. 'Get your pet to the Vet'. 

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We arrived back at Nick's mum's close to 11am and settled in for a few more presents and the long awaited breakfast. Lunch ended up being a late afternoon delicious affair with us all not leaving the table until early evening. Great company and good food and an emergency vet trip. A Christmas well done.

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