Round Two, Three and Four Christmas 2016

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Christmas eve is always spent with Nick's Dad's family at his Uncle's house. His Aunt prepares a giant table for everyone - more than twenty at a long long table, with cold meats and delicious salads. Lulu is no longer the only child there and she loved playing all night with her cousins. In fact, she didn't want to leave, but we needed to head home to sprinkle food for the reindeer - a combination of oats and glitter that was sent home from pre-school - and put out cookies and orange juice for santa.

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After waking every few hours with Zelda extremely unsettled, we found Sir Elton giving himself a bath in the bathroom window early Christmas morning. This is not so unusual and we didn't think much of it until after we opened the presents when we discovered he was still there and I could see a little blood. I'd let him outside at 5:30am and between 5:30 and 6:15 when Zelda woke, he'd gotten in a fight. Luckily Lulu had received a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet kit. She knew exactly what to do. 'Get your pet to the Vet'. 

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We arrived back at Nick's mum's close to 11am and settled in for a few more presents and the long awaited breakfast. Lunch ended up being a late afternoon delicious affair with us all not leaving the table until early evening. Great company and good food and an emergency vet trip. A Christmas well done.

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Christmas Giving

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We all have so many things and aren't really in need of anything, so if you are looking for ways to give to those less fortunate this Christmas, here are a few ideas for giving back:


Aussie Farmers Direct & Foodbank

Project Rudolph

you can purchase a Christmas dinner for a family in need - note that you must live within a major city to be able to purchase this.


has a number of charitable gifts - purchase vaccinations or school bags or water.

Give something to a mum in need through

the Myer Give Registry

Place a toy under

the Kmart wish tree

- This is one of my favourite things to do with Lulu

Purchase a toy online for

the Smith Family

to distribute this Christmas

Happy giving x

5 Simple Ideas for Christmas Wrapping

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Wrapping Christmas presents is one of my absolute favourite things. Put on some christmas tunes, pour a glass of champagne and away you go. There is so many great ideas when it comes to Christmas wrapping. I tend to stick with brown paper and build from there. Today I'm sharing a few variations on the brown paper theme.

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Brown paper cut out on

Miss Red Fox

 photo Squares_zpsbbeiwg5k.jpg

Monochrome on

Homey Oh My

 photo Brown-paper_zpsoo9yxjiy.jpg

White and Brown Paper on


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New Podcasts to Love

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My most favourite podcast, Something Wonky, has ended. They said they would only do 200 episodes and they have done just that, 200. Podcasts are my jam when I work out, I can't do it without them, so I have been on the lookout for something else to listen to. Scrolling through the top 100 podcasts on iTunes, I came across the Mamamia Podcast Network. Mamamia is not normally a website that I go to. The site just isn't for me, but I greatly admire Mia Freedman, the woman behind Mamamia. She has been a force for good in the magazine world and she has achieved so much. It also turns out that the podcasts produced by the Mamamia network are for me. The 

No Filter

podcast and the

I Don't Know How She Does It

podcast are both fantastic.


No Filter

Mia interviews interesting people about their lives, no filter. I started with the Caroline Overington interview and found it fascinating. From her time in New York working as a correspondent with 18 mth old twins, to her mantra 'Fake it until you make it', to her helping Oprah live her best life.

I Don't Know How She Does It

 podcast has an interview with busy women about how the fit everything into their day. Women who you've wondered 'how the hell does she do it all?' It's a fascinating incite into the lives of women we admire and women we may not have heard of, who have busy, busy lives. I started with the Michelle Bridges podcast, eager to hear how she's going with her fitness empire and new bubba. Interestingly enough she does not have a full-time nanny, she co shares the 'babysitting' with her partner.

Both podcasts have the feeling that you are just out for coffee with friends. The women chat easily, it's fun and it makes you think. It's very different to Something Wonky, I am going to have to find a new political podcast, but I do like how

No Filter


I Don't Know How She Does It

have opened my listening horizons.


Seven Things to Read Do Listen


Podcasts I'm Loving

Christmas Colour Theme

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Each year I kind of pick a different colour theme for the Christmas tree decorations. Most years it is a version of red and white or silver black & pastel, but this year I thought I might go a little more eclectic, mixing pink, mint and red as per this beautiful mix from Paper & Stitch, with a touch of silver. What do you think?

That or I just might go all in. All colours together in a beautiful (?!) crazy mix. The mint green, pink and red with a touch of blue just seem a little more summery for the Aussie Christmas, don't you think?
 photo Christmas-Colour-Theme_zpstreghpqp.jpg

1. Mint Tree from Curbly 2. Pink & Red Present Balloons from Studio DIY 3. Multicoloured Wreath source unknown 4. Gift Wrap Party on 100 Layer Cake 5. Christmas tree with different decorations via Enter My Attic 6. DIY Discoball Christmas Tree from Studio DIY 7. Beach Christmas from Inside Out Mag via Coastal Style 8. Pastel Wrapping from Paper and Stitch
Lead photo from Paper & Stitch

Ps Simple ways to decorate for ChristmasOur Christmas Day, When do you put up the Christmas Tree?

Angie Tribeca

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This show ticked a number of boxes for me. I love crime shows. I like comedy. I like Rashida Jones. Tick, Tick, Tick. Angie Tribeca is a crime show parody staring Rashida Jones, created by Steve Carell and his wife Nancy Carell. Rashida Jones plays lone-wolf LAPD Detective Angie Tribeca who will stop crime no matter what it takes. This show is incredibly cliched, as the genre is intended to be, but for me it fell short of being actually funny. It is just too over the top, too exaggerated. Which is a shame as it has so many good comedic actors in it and writing it. If you are after a good comedic crime show, I'd go for Brooklyn Nine-Nine over Angie Tribeca.

PS House of Cards Season 3, A Review of Dig, 4 Reasons to like the Mysteries of Laura

Uluru Picnic Day Weekend

This past weekend was a long weekend for Territorians. A Territory sponsored day to have a picnic, entitled 'Picnic Day'. We took the chance to head down to Uluru. The main reason to go to Uluru was to see the spectacular light installationthat is on at the moment, but we did not book for the lights early enough, so we missed out. Somehow I also managed not to take a great photo of Uluru so there will be no specky Uluru pic here either. But we all seen specky Uluru photos before. What you haven't seen before and you will see here are a few random photos from our weekend. And yes, we turned Picnic Day into one giant long weekend picnic.

Stayed Ayres Rock Campground at Yulara

Ate Nick's Slow Cooked Brisket, Jade's Bacon & Eggs/Pancake & Marshmallow Breakfast, Scotty's Hot Dogs, and Sails Buffet Breakfast

Best find Empty sunrise viewing area for feeding Zelda and filling up water bottles