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It's the weekend again, yay!! I have been feeling much better this week and luckily as I spent the majority of the week in meetings as part of my work (I'm still on maternity leave but there are some things that I still need to do), which included a field trip to the Alcoota Fossil Site with the main Palaeontologist, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the site. It was a fascinating trip.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

Interesting read about how Facebook targets you with ads

This list of 15 documentaries you need to watch includes two docos on female photographers that I'm going to have to watch

Speaking of films, 10 book to film adaptations coming soon

A few sensible thoughts on the whole minimalism craze

You may have missed:
The Little Range Saved Our Camping Weekend
A day trip to Rainbow Valley
Angie Tribeca

Happy Weekend xx


My Morning Routine

 photo Morning-routine_zps4fzai6ih.jpg

I love reading about people's routines, so today I thought I would share my morning routine with you!

When you have a

3 year old, you don’t tend to need an alarm. Lulu wakes me up anywhere between

5:30am and 6am

. Nick and I alternate which mornings we exercise (You can read about how we fit exercise into our daily routine here). If it’s his day to go mountain bike riding* then I play with Lulu, make coffee and breakfast. For breakfast I love muesli and Lulu normally has toast.

 photo Morning-Routine-2_zpszaxprxas.jpg
 photo Morning-Routine-4_zpsdm91qv5v.jpg


Post breakfast is a scramble to shower, clothe, hair and make-up before getting Lulu ready. By the time I’m ready, Nick is normally home to help get Lulu ready. I then prepare her daycare things while he gets ready.  


We leave Triple J on in the morning as a time keeping devise and because for the most part, they tend to play great music in the mornings. 


Nick’s work is across town and takes longer to get to, so I drop Lulu at daycare.  We’re normally backing out of the driveway around 7:50am. The daycare drop off is usually a fairly easy process. She loves her daycare and her friends and is easily distracted as soon as she gets there.  I then drive to work. To get a little more exercise in my day I have been parking a little way away from my work and I normally arrive a little after 8am which I make up at the end of the day. 

What does your morning routine look like? It is all rushed or a little relaxed?

Please share in the comments below.  

 photo Morning-Routine-1_zpstzw96yki.jpg

Saturday Mornings - Coffee and TV on the couch!


f it’s my day to exercise then I head to the gym and shower there before heading home to help get Lulu ready for daycare. 


3 Ways to Fit Exercise into your Daily Routine

Link Love

 photo coffee_zps2yudeopw.jpg
Coffee before the chaos of the Show
This past week has been a little crazy post show with Lulu sick and then myself. Nick had two days off with Lulu this week and I had one day off with Lulu, during which I felt awful too. Gosh it's hard to look after a kid when you feel sick too! We're all a bit better now that it is the weekend (thank goodness) and we are looking forward to taking it easy. What are your plans for the weekend? 

A few things catching my eye on the internet this week:

Loving these wallpaper photos by Max Wagner for Design Love Fest

Dads are learning how to do hair via the Cut

20 minimalist tattoos for the design lover on Brit & Co - I love number 10 and number 19.

The best feminist books for young readers via Book Riot

Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott discuss childhood sleepovers & movie spoilers in a playground via the New York Times

An interview with a member of Greece's negotiating team via Analyze Greece

I previously wrote about juggling sick days here

Seven Things

 photo Seven-Things_zpsuq9fez95.jpg

Hey Natalie Jean - the book from the blog of the same name - is on my coffee table. I love her conversational writing. When you read her writing you feel like you’re best friends. She just has a wonderful way of putting you at ease and making you feel at home. 

I Love You Honeybear - the latest offering from Father John Misty is playing on rotation on my iphone. 

Latte - can’t go wrong with a coffee & a latte is the coffee of choice this month

At the moment I am loving doing weights at my gym, but as it has become cooler I have also started running outside again. I am thoroughly enjoying it, not least because I get to listen to podcasts but also because I love the feeling of pushing myself and making it through. The ‘i did something today feeling’.

Most of my downtime is spent blogging, but I do love reading and I feel like I’m on a sea saw, some months I’m stuck up high reading lots and lots and other months I am down low blogging lots and lots. 

Sack dresses covered in flowers are my comfort clothing right now - I am loving this Cameo dress and this dress from Primrose and Mimosa. I guess if I was 20 years older these dresses could be referred to as mumus? Right?!

I was in Darwin for work recently and loved the Rawgasm Paleo Cafe and Juice Bar in Mitchell Street Mall. Paleo salads at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with that food option. I wish they had a cafe in Alice Springs. 

Link Love

 photo porch_zpsrcj6gyas.jpg
Our front porch. 
I may have spoken too soon last week when I welcomed the cooler autumn weather. This week the heat has been back with a vengeance! Over forty for 4 days in a row - ugh! Yesterday was cooler and fingers crossed the cool is here to stay. This weekend we have a few Lulu social events but other than that it's just a time for us to clean the house, catch up on washing and maybe finish watching House of Cards Season 2. Have you got a packed weekend or are you taking it easy? Hope whatever it is, its fun.

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:

How to make cold drip coffee on Of the Kitten Kind and speaking of coffee, EmmaKate Co lists 12 freelance friendly cafes in Adelaide.

The Nappy Collective's Moran Divr writes about life with 4 children, yep 4 kids, over on the Mummy Confidentials

So no publishers fact check anymore? The stories around these books are fascinating and tell a lot about society today.

and in local news
Cancer Council NT Relay for Life is on tonight, so get down to OLSH and show your support, alternatively you can donate here

 photo cactus-1_zpsycs39hpa.jpg
Cactus babies re-potted from the big cactus a few weeks ago. They seem to be going ok.

Music to go with your coffee

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After the worry & stress of the hospital yesterday* I spent this morning chilling out on the couch, reading blogs, pinning and finding new (to me) folk bands on Bandcamp while Lulu slept.   

I ended up purchasing albums from Geometric Shapes, Shakey Graves and Mayeux and Broussard and am loving the new sweet tunes that are filling our home with calm.

*More info on our hospital visit here

PS. You must check out Julie's beautiful new cook book Seasoned. It was released this week and makes me pine of the winter weather.

Links to go with your coffee

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This week has been short to say the least. With the holiday Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday working, Mother's Group Thursday morning & a cranky Lulu Friday afternoon, the week was over before I knew it. I managed to do the shred every day this week. Whoo! 

On the interwebs this week....

A reminder from Marieke Hardy that your little bit of kindness just may help another through a day or a plane flight - her story will make you cry.

Remember that Vogue interview with Syria's first lady from early last year? The journalist behind the piece, Joan Juliet Buck tells the story behind the debacle which saw her fired. 

Nick asked a question of the Age drive magazine and they published the answer! There was a tiny bit of fiction mixed in with the question.