47th Top Half Folk Festival

A few photos from the 47th Top Half Folk Festival 

The music was fantastic, the kids, well Lulu was great but the other were struggling to get over colds and coughs and like anyone, they did not appreciate the cold, windy weather. I ended up taking Zelda home early. A baby with a wet cough and minus temperatures in a tent do not mix well. We were so thankful for our friends that came with us who are experienced campers. They made it so much more easy for us to handle Zelda while they started the food prep in the morning. Bananas and chocolate cooked in the fire for breaky?! Yes please!

The Top Half Folk Festival is held every two years at Glen Helen Resort You can fly to Alice Springs, hire a camper van, drive out along the beautiful West Macs and take part in 2019! Your camper will be a lot warmer than our tent - guaranteed!

Uluru Picnic Day Weekend

This past weekend was a long weekend for Territorians. A Territory sponsored day to have a picnic, entitled 'Picnic Day'. We took the chance to head down to Uluru. The main reason to go to Uluru was to see the spectacular light installationthat is on at the moment, but we did not book for the lights early enough, so we missed out. Somehow I also managed not to take a great photo of Uluru so there will be no specky Uluru pic here either. But we all seen specky Uluru photos before. What you haven't seen before and you will see here are a few random photos from our weekend. And yes, we turned Picnic Day into one giant long weekend picnic.

Stayed Ayres Rock Campground at Yulara

Ate Nick's Slow Cooked Brisket, Jade's Bacon & Eggs/Pancake & Marshmallow Breakfast, Scotty's Hot Dogs, and Sails Buffet Breakfast

Best find Empty sunrise viewing area for feeding Zelda and filling up water bottles

Top Half Folk Festival 2015

 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-8_zpsl3e4pebe.jpg
Lulu's run bike copped a workout from every kid & a few fights over who's turn it was
We spent the June long weekend at the Top Half Folk Festival at Glen Helen. It was a wonderful weekend, suitable for people of all ages. My parents came with their caravan. Friends came with their 3 kids under 4. Nick's mum was there for the Sunday night. Many of our friend's parents attended. One of the artist's mentioned that his 14 year old son was choosing to spend his gig in the car! A festival for the whole family, should they choose to participate.

The headline act was Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers, an awesome folk/country band from Sydney. It may have been overheard on the way out of their Saturday night gig that 'they were great but they weren't real folk'. The whole festival had a bit of a 'changing of the guard' as it has been attended by the same folkies over the last 45 years and they have held close to what they believe true folk is, but as they get older and folk evolves it is time to connect with a younger generation. Though I know nothing about folk, I do think the festival organisers a great job blending traditional folk with contemporary.
 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-2_zps50vbe529.jpg
Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers

 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-7_zpsrmzdqtk9.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-4_zpsiwrqyulx.jpg photo Glen-Helen_zpskhkg4rln.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-1_zpsa2rhewyw.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-3_zpstkeiixsb.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-9_zpspk9kazkv.jpg
Glen Helen is 130km west of Alice Springs. You can stay there year round in motel rooms, bunkhouse rooms or at the campground. There is a swimming pool, a waterhole and an award winning restaurant.

The Top Half Folk Festival is on every second year at Glen Helen on the June long weekend. Alternate years you'll find it at Mary River.

Essentials for camping with a baby

 photo Camping-with-a-baby_zps844d21b8.jpg

The weekend before last we went camping with Lulu and friends of ours who also had small children. We'd never been camping before with Lulu but with a little preparation on Nick's behalf, we managed to be quite well set up. Here is our list of essentials:

- Our friends brought a kids camping chair (1.). Lulu could not fathom how to get out of it and stayed sitting in it for a really long time. Bring one. Kids like having something especially for them that looks exactly like what the adults are using.
- A tent (2. ). No longer can just a swag (3.) do for camping. Kids need to be contained at nighttime. Nick bought one that not only fit a double & single swag but also Lulu's pram!
- A camping light (4.). The number of times we have gone camping without one cannot be counted. A light is a must for late night feedings inside that tent.
- Extra sheets for when the baby vomits in her swag (5.). I did not bring any extra sheets so she ended up sleeping in our swag & then the pram for most of the night.

Do you have anything to add to the list?

Music, Dirt & Dancing

 photo watching-bands_zpsd776cdfc.jpg photo 1_zpsda9c7687.jpg photo 2_zps6cd57d69.jpg photo Nick-Lulu-Bear_zps7521ee0f.jpg
The first weekend in May is a long weekend for Territorians, being the perfect weekend for a music festival. Wide Open Space festival is held annually on the May long weekend at Ross River Homestead. May is usually much cooler than April & the summer months, giving us a chance to rug up & dance by the fire. This year turned out to be significantly warmer than other years, with a DJed pool party making us wish we'd brought our swimmers & weren't looking after a baby. 

Lulu was a little freaked out the first day, not really warming up to the festival until after her afternoon nap. Festival going and camping with a baby is a whole other thing, a post about this will be forthcoming!

Read about previous Wide Open Space years here and here.

Wide Open Space

The May long weekend is this weekend, which means it's time for Wide Open Space, a music festival held at Ross River. You can read all about the last time we went here. This year Nick's cousin is getting married on the Saturday. We are really looking forward to this party, plus Nick is a groomsman - fun, but it means we can only attend Wide Open Space on Friday night, no camping for us (I am not sad about this - My theme song is this and you can read about my aversion to camping here

The Friday night at Wide Open Space just happens to be the night that Frank Turner is playing! Yay! I can't wait. From Wembley Stadium to Ross River, no venue to small.