5 Best Hand Creams for Winter

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Winter does a number on my skin, especially my hands. It's cold for about 3.5 seconds before my hands start feeling as rough as a labourers. With an infant in the house, the number of times you wash your hands in a single day increases exponentially. If I don't put on hand cream every time I wash my hands, they end up cracking. I kid you not, the skin on my right index finger split open a few weeks ago! It was like a paper cut but there was no paper to be seen. I fixed the split by applying

nipple cream

over a number of days. But when I am not in crisis management mode I love the following hand creams:


Thankyou Hand Cream

| This cream smells a little like marshmallows & has an excellent price point


Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream: Persian Rose & Argan Extract

| Again a flowery, marshmallowy smell. All girly like.


Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

 | this cream has a relaxing smell to it. Breathing it in just makes you breath out all the bad stuff.


Lush Helping Hands

 | thick goodness in a small tub.


Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardners

 | this cream is all business. It works.




Frockin' up - Favourite Lipstick









Link Love - Beauty & Lizards

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Loved seeing this lizard strutting her stuff outside of the gym yesterday morning! She's beautiful. Yep I was well enough this week to go back to the gym. Hooray! Everything feels better when you've worked out. Lulu had a virus Thursday but bounced back really quickly so I think this might be a weekend where we are are all feeling fabulous.

Speaking of feeling feeling fabulous, here are a few beauty links catching my eye on the internet this week:

5 must have products under $10 - well under $20 in Australia - but you can't go wrong with great products.

Gritty Pretty tells us how to apply fragrance the right way - I never realised there was a wrong way, did you?

The importance of using natural tampons on Because I'm Addicted - I switched to Toms Organic a little while and haven't looked back

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Happy Weekend xx

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Link Love - Beauty, Routines and Gilmore Girls

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This week has been up and down. I have been sick then better then sick again. We had lovely rains Monday night (or was it Tuesday?) hopefully the first of a rainy summer. Nick is heading away this coming week and I am more than a little apprehensive based on how sick I have been. Fingers crossed I am over the worst!

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

A few beautiful thoughts on beauty and inner beauty on bleubird

I love reading about other people's daily routines - Here's Lisa Gorman's on the Design Files

Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls - will be really interesting to see how this pans out. I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan but it has been nearly a decade since the last episode.

What a difference changing the grout makes to this bathroom on One Kings Lane

The Christmas Kingdom Giveaway is now closed - Congratulations to the winner Clare Bizely!

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Happy Weekend!

How to get rid of ingrown hairs

It is so hard to find a good beauty therapist in Alice Springs. Generally the girls that are employed are travellers. Here for 6 months or so an then onto the next place. They either heat the wax too much (ouch!), take forever ripping out the hairs one by one, I also like to only go to places that I can walk to in my lunch break. It just takes too much time out of the lunch break to have to drive anywhere, so that narrows down the places I can go to yet again. Like most girls, I hate getting my bikini line waxed, I always end up with ingrown hairs and quite frankly I just try to avoid it, but I do like the results so I have to put up with it. Anyway, I recently found my solution to where to get it done and found out how to get rid of ingrown hairs. 
GIRL IN THE PJS: How to get rid of ingrown hairs

Headlines Alice Springs
Headlines is within walking distance of my work and I hadn’t been there in years due to the revolving door of beauty therapists - I think they were without one for a long time, but I decided to give them another go. It turns out they do have a new therapist and she is awesome! She’s sweet and easy to talk to and not only that she’s going to be in town for a long time - hurrah! 

Salt Scrub
The new beauty therapist put me onto this new range of beauty products that Headlines are stocking, called Eco by Sonya Driver. The products are Australian made and use only organic vegan vegan ingredients - the good stuff. The products are chemical free and are not tested on animals. As recommended by the beauty therapist, I tried the Eco By Sonya Driver Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub on my bikini line. 

Use Daily
Use the scrub each day BEFORE you get in the shower. Just chuck it on while you’re waiting for the water to heat up. Wash it off in the shower and wallah, no more ingrown hairs! The catch is you do need to use it each day. Last month I missed a few days each week and had one or two ingrowns again. But when I have consistently used it, NO ingrowns! My mind is blown. This stuff is fantastic. Prevention is a cure!

1. When in Alice Springs go to Headlines for waxing needs
2. Use Eco By Sonya Driver Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub DAILY to rid yourself of ingrown hairs 

GIRL IN THE PJS: How to get rid of ingrown hairs
Let me know how you go! Do you have your own secret tip for getting rid of ingrown hairs? If so I would love to know, please leave a message in the comments below…

Ps Exfoliating & Favourite Lipstick


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I love exfoliating, your face just feels so fresh and clean when you exfoliate. I love exfoliating so much that the last time I had a facial the beauty therapist told me to stop as it was drying out my skin too much. She suggested to only exfoliate once a week. Once a week? Agh, how will I ever cope with once a week?!

Exfoliating beads
While this may sound a little air headed, I never really thought about what the exfoliating beads are. Turns out a lot of companies use plastic micro beads in exfoliating scrubs and they are ending up in our waterways. Fish think the plastic micro beads are food and this causes a lot of problems for the fish. You should avoid any scrub that uses plastic micro beads. Read more about it here and thanks for the heads up Briana!

What to use instead?
I'm going to be ensuring my exfoliating scrub only uses natural products from now on. I have tried a few exfoliating scrub recipes by various bloggers that I found on Pinterest and the easiest and best one I've found is a pared down version of this scrub by Le Zoe Musings. I just mixed coconut oil and sugar (I found granulated sugar too coarse so used castor sugar the second time). Easy as! Our room temperature tends to mean that coconut oil remains in liquid form at all times.

Do you have a favourite recipe for a scrub? I am all up for trying out other recipes. If you do please leave a link to the recipe in the comments below.

Frockin' Up - Favourite Lipstick

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This is what happens when your 1.5 year old gets a hold of your lipstick! Thank goodness it wasn't the Chanel.
Last week Emily from A Denver Home Companion shared her favourite red lipsticks and in her post she asked if anyone had a favourite pink, as she tended to stick to red. I tend to be the opposite, sticking with shades of pink. I shared my favourite pink lipsticks with Emily and I thought I'd also post my comment here.

Revlon Super Lustrous in the shade Twinkled Pink by Revlon is my everyday go to. It's light & not too 'out there', perfect for day to day. 
Chanel Rouge Coco in the shade Legende was my lipstick splurge when we were overseas. It's a deeper pink. Good for evening wear if it is more of a serious event. 
Revlon Moon Drops in the shade Sugar Poppy by Revlon is my going out on the town shade. It's bright and fun. 

Do you have a favourite lipstick? It took a lot of trial and error before I settled on these three. I only really started wearing lipstick when I turned 30 and you can read about my favourite colours back then in my first ever frockin' up post. I have also found that using the Revlon Just Bitten lipstains as a base helps the lipstick shade last longer. Any tips you have will be most appreciated. It's never great when you find that your lipstick has been missing from your lips for half the night!