On Cooking or not

I recently read this article by Mindy Berry about her Mom who never cooked. Instead of cooking her mum played tennis every afternoon when she finished work and bought home take away. Big box takeaways hadn’t made it to their town yet, but they had a rotation of takeaways like chinese food or restaurant takeaway. And her mom never felt guilty about it, never!

She didn’t like to cook. She didn’t find it relaxing or rewarding to “have something in the oven.” Her own mother didn’t get satisfaction from making meals, and she didn’t encourage my mom, or any of us, to take it up.
— Mindy Berry

This is a revelation - not cooking each night & no guilt. Each Thursday night we have a rotation of hot dogs or dino nuggets and tater tots. Sometimes I’ll add peas to their plate of dino nuggets but sometimes we don’t have any peas, so no greens that night. There’s always a small amount of guilt that they aren’t having healthy foods. That I could be cooking something much better for them. Why don’t I just put on pasta with spinach? Well, that would lead to two pots and a strainer to clean up. Those dino nuggets only leave one tray to wipe and often it can fit in the dishwasher - win win.

In these days of instagram / pinterest / wellness / healthy living it appears that everyone is making healthy food and that you are the only one that isn’t. Maybe they are cooking healthy every night and maybe they aren’t. But just maybe you don’t have to feel guilty about what you are serving your little ones. Mindy and her siblings survived and became adults who cook. So just maybe your kids will survive too.

On cooking or not

The Ice Queen

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After a few mornings of Lulu refusing to eat her baby cereal, I started putting it in the fridge & giving it to her when she woke up from her nap. She'd eat it all up after her nap. Eventually I put two & two together. It was the chilled cereal she liked. No room temperature slop for my Lulu. It must be chilled. Now I prepare her cereal when I first wake up, put it in the fridge for an hour or so and then serve it up. The chilled cereal is gobbled down in an instant. She's a character. 

On another note, I worked out very early on that she has a slight wheat intolerance. Anything with wheat gives her gas, bad bad gas. The kind where she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. Babies aren't supposed to have wheat until they're about 9 months, but some cope ok with it. We're hoping this is something she'll grow out of. 

When you check the back of baby food products, especially the cereal, wheat is snuck into a lot of them. We've found two brands, that don't have wheat, Rafferty's Garden for cereal and Ella's Kitchen for squeezy packs. Do you know of any others? The Ella's Kitchen ones are great as many of them don't taste sweet and Lulu still likes them.