Baby Sleep Problems

Zelda hasn't slept through the nights since being sick. It has been a long few weeks. She's up on average 3 times a night sometimes more. She'd go to sleep straight away at bedtime, but then wake again a hour or two later. We'd go in, give her a bottle and a lengthy cuddle until she was asleep again. But she'd be crying again an hour or two later, not just small cries that might resettle but red faced sobbing cries. Once again, we'd go in, give a bottle & cuddle and wait till she fell asleep deep enough not to wake when put back in the cot. Only for her to wake in another hour or two and so on until morning. AGH!! We  wrongly assumed it would just get better. But it hasn't.


I popped into Afghan Traders the Friday before Christmas to pick up some Za'atar and got talking to the Naturopath that works there. You can have short (15min- fairly generous really) conversations with the Naturopath FOR FREE, where they will dispense advice and vitamins. When Zelda was sick she had Giardia and she was still getting a high number of poos per day along with a sore bum. The Naturopath suggested she take a probiotic, echinacea and an omega 3, 6 & 9 oil. Lulu suggested Zelda take Rescue Remedy Sleeptime. The Naturopath said it was worth a try. 

So we tried. Zelda hated the echinacea but takes the probiotic and the omega oils in her bottle each night. I also added a vapouriser/diffuser to her room with a low nightlight. And she got down to three wake ups a night. But with a flexible bedtime between Christmas and new year she began to be hard to get to sleep at the beginning of the night - something that had never happened before - AND the wake ups were increasing. 

This time I Googled 'baby sleep problems' and read all about the helpful night nannies that will come to your house and sort out the problem for you if you live on the coast. Dreamed of a sleep school holiday. Then just found some simple advice that we've all heard before, like sticking to a bedtime routine. Stories, then bottle then in bed awake by 7. Also a colleague suggested that maybe Zelda didn't need a day nap anymore (AGH!). 

That night I tried the new  routine and after an hour and a half of back pats (she tries to go off to sleep on her tummy but if you leave the room she screams as if someone is trying to kill her so back pats help calm) then sitting by the door but not leaving, I gave up. Nick then gave it a go for another half hour. Then she was asleep. Two wake ups in the night. 

No nap the next day and the next night she went to sleep while drinking her bottle. We heard from her once at 11pm, then nothing until morning. Success. 

No nap again the next day, asleep on the bottle but three wake ups in the night. 

Over the last week we have slowly been able to get her to go to sleep in the cot, but need to do a few back pats and stay in the room until she is asleep. But it's progress. We're not holding her until she falls asleep any more. She's on her way to becoming a big girl. 

The wake ups continue, some nights just one, others three, but at least the beginning of the night is getting better. She snores a little and we have a follow up with the ENT Specialist soon. Hopefully he might be able to pin point some reason why she wakes. 

Nothing But Bibs

Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs
Nothing But Bibs is a cool Alice Springs business creating, you guessed it, Bibs! Kirstin, the awesome lady behind Nothing But Bibs, has sourced great fabrics with modern prints. Her bibs are extra big to fit the chubby necked babies. She also makes full length bibs for feeding, as well as drool bibs with attached teething toys. Is there anything she doesn't do? Today I'm asking her a few questions about what makes her business tick.
Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs

The idea for Nothing But Bibs was mainly due to having a baby and not liking any of the bibs I'd find. Plus I love sewing and needed something to keep me sane! So I thought...why not give it a whirl! 

The most challenging part is juggling Xavier and trying to get sewing done hahaha! Since he now more active and sleeps less I get much less time now during the week. But I still manage to sneak some sewing or cutting in while he is playing.

Time management secret...well it's not so much a secret...time management is hard! At the moment I have small orders which I like as this helps to ensure I can get things made in a timely fashion. The weekends are taken up by a lot of sewing though especially if Xavier if in one of his no sleep patterns during the day. 

Style essentials? A shirt without spew or food on it hahaha! /react-text 

I relax by watching movies...spending time with my beautiful family and just chilling out at home. I'm a bit of a home body so enjoy my time at home. Oh and reading...I'm a huge reader

A huge thanks to Kirstin for sharing a little insight into the lady behind the brand. You can shop all the awesome Nothing But Bibs here.
Nothing But Bibs | Girl in the Pjs

Ps Sugar and Spice, Parrtjima and Out of Town - Our Day in the West Macs


Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs
A friend gave me an adorable onesie and nappy cover for Zelda when she was born. It turns out that the clothes came from a cute baby clothes store at the Todd Mall Markets. Sugar & Spice stock baby and children's wear, decor and accessories newborn to size 5. They have so many adorable things, you can't help but purchase something each time you walk past. 

Today I have asked Sophia, the woman behind Sugar & Spice to give us a few insights into herself and the business.
Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs
The idea for Sugar & Spice came from..... 
Sugar & Spice came to be because of my two girls and the fact that Alice  has been without a baby/kids shop for about 3yrs.  I thought about this concept for good while and then once Lola (my youngest) was born, I just decided to go ahead and do it.

The most challenging part of running your own business is.....
Not having anyone to guide you or tell you that you are doing the right thing, you just have to take everything as it comes and trust your instinct and be open to learning on the spot.
Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs
Your time management secret is.....
Time management secret is being lucky enough to have a lot of family around to help with the girls.

Your style essentials are....
Definitely skinny jeans and converses. 

You relax by..... 
I relax by hanging out with my little family and reading.

Catch Sugar & Spice at the Todd Mall Markets, online or on Facebook or Instagram
Sugar and Spice Baby Store | Girl in the Pjs

PS - The Small Store

No Sleep

No Sleep | Girl in the Pjs

My cute, gorgeous baby has decided to all but drop her day naps. Refusing to sleep more than half an hour at a time. She used to sleep for at least 2-4 hours each morning. I knew that it would come to an end sometime, I just didn't think it would be so soon. And I thought it would just be a cutting back, not giving up all together! Needless to say this blog has been a little neglected. There will be a big post this week, so please keep checking in.





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Zelda's Nursery Tour

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

Zelda's nursery came together the weekend before I went into labour. That nesting instinct is something else, hey? For some reason I just wanted it all done that weekend. I think because the following weekend Nick had a trip away planned and the weekend after that was just getting too close to the due date. Little did we know that Zelda had another due date planned!

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the PjsZelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the PjsZelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

We had kept Lulu's cot but in the intervening years it had gone a little moody in the shed, so we opted for a new cot from our local Target store for Zelda. A plant and a few pieces of art that we already owned, including a painting of her sister's went onto her shelf. A hand-me-down collection of shoes plus a new pint rabbit pair from the Small Store, a new cactus and tear out poster plus a mobile from Kmart and the room was pretty much done. This room doubles as a guest room so it includes a pallet bed with a caravan mattress for guests but I also imagine it as a reading space.

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

You can see the nursery inspiration here, Lulu's original nursery here and her second one here

Get the look:
Cot - Target
Cot Sheets - The Small Store
Cactus - Target
Change Table - Target
Chair - Kmart
Rug - Kmart
Mobile - Kmart
Cushion - Kmart
Painting - Lucy Hope
Car - Novita Gifts
Bunny - Vintage


Advice for a C-Section

 photo Advice-for-a-C-Section_zpsmve9edwg.jpg

When I was told that I would have to have

a c-section

, I came across a few blog posts that went through what happened or what to expect during a c-section that were so helpful to me that I wanted to share a few things too. Rather than specific step by step information, what follows are the remarkable things that stood out to me about the C-section process and my advice to you. If you are interested in what happens during a c-section, then please click through.

C- Section Preparation

Like most surgeries, changing into the hospital gown signals the beginning of the procedure. You are asked to remove all nail polish and jewellery. Then the nurse will ask if you need the top section of public hair shaved. This is a little confronting as I had no idea if I need it shaved or not, I've never had a c-scetion before. So I let the nurse be the judge. You are then taken up to the theatre pre-op area.

Know your name

Get used to saying your name, birth date and what procedure you are there for over and over again. You will be asked many, many times. In pre-op you will chat to the anaesthetist and the surgeon about the procedure and then you are taken into the theatre.


In theatre the nurse has you swing your legs over the edge of the bed while the put the needle into your back. My midwife held my hands (and me) still while this happened. They then lay you back down and test with ice on various parts of your leg to see if the anaesthetic has taken hold.

C-Section Procedure

The sheet goes up and you can feel what is happening but not see it. One of the anaesthetist talked me though the procedure and my big advice to you is to insist on a general if you are at all squeamish. Especially if it is an emergency situation. You can feel things happening to you, there is no pain but there is yanking and pulling. Because of the emergency I didn't see the baby straight away. There was no lovely cuddles with the sheet up that you see in photos of planned c-sections. The baby was brought past quickly on her way to the special care nursery. There really was no need for me to be awake through the procedure. I found the whole thing to be quite unsettling and if I ever had to do though it again I would want to be under.

C-Section Recovery

Take all the pain medication that is on offer. I cannot stress this enough. You have been through a surgical procedure. Muscles have been cut. Organs have been moved around. Take the pain killers. Also take all the rest you can get. While moving about does help everything (for some reason the pain is less if you move about and more if you have been resting for long periods of time), resting is also important, so rest when you can. And go easy on yourself.

Have you had a c-section? What surprised you the most about it?


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