Aspiration Update November 2014

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A year ago today we were airlifted to Adelaide for an unrelated condition and while we were there the respiratory doctors investigated the cause of the cough Lulu's had  since she was about 6 months old. After numerous tests and consults with the speech pathologists, they discovered that Lulu wasn't swallowing properly. She was placed on thickened fluids and we were told that this may last for years. 'Most kids won't go to school with it'....

Well, what a difference a year makes! Lulu had a Barium Swallow test a few weeks ago and we were given the all clear. Her swallowing is perfect. As I mentioned yesterday, her immunity has been strong enough to kick the last few infections without antibiotics and we are so delighted that she no longer needs to have thickened fluids. Hooray!

You can read all about our hospital adventure here.

Sick Days

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My office gallery wall
How does your family handle sick days? 
We have all had quite a number of minor illnesses over the last two months and this has meant juggling who has time off with Lulu when she is ill, bearing in mind that we've both had time off for being sick ourselves! When I wanted to go back to work after having Lulu, I never thought about having to share my sick days with her or even that she might get sick and that I'd need to take time off. I went back to work for only a few days a week at first. The sick leave days at my work accrue so when we ended up spending so much time in hospital late last year, I had enough days to cover it. What I didn't have though, was sick leave for the rest of the year!

Share the leave
We're really lucky in that Nick works for his mum so there is leeway in terms of medical certificates and the number of sick days he can have off to take care of Lulu. For the first 6 months of this year when I had no sick leave, Nick and his kind mum shared time off between them, with Lulu still getting sick at least once every four weeks. There is a lot longer between illnesses now and she hadn't needed to go on antibiotics to kick the last two respiratory infections, so I think we may be over the acute sickness hump. My sick leave has been restored so I am able to take time off if she does get ill again, but hopefully this won't happen. I have to admit, I do feel a little guilty going to work when she's sick. I never feel guilty when she's well, but when she's sick, it's a whole other story.

How about you? Do you share time off for sick days with your husband/partner or another family member? Do you feel guilty at all? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on sick days. I don't know about you but sometimes there is just so much work to do neither Nick, nor I, can afford to have the time off. Gosh things get complicated when the little ones are sick. You do just want to curl up on the couch and cuddle them!