Love for the Muppets new show

 photo The-Muppets-ABC_zpslrza7ood.jpg
I LOVE the muppets new show! It is everything I ever wanted and more. There has been critic talk that the show that the characters have lost their way and are darker versions of themselves but this is so not true. The characters are extensions of what you saw on the original 70s Muppet Show. I think these critics must have a rose coloured view of what the older show was all about. Yes Kermit was wide eyed and optimistic but he was always a little stressed that the show wasn’t going right. Piggy was extremely self obsessed. Kermit and Piggy were always breaking up. It wasn’t all sunshine and the rainbow connection on the Muppets.

Lisa Henson, Jim Henson’s daughter, hit back at the critics in this Variety article, saying that her father would have loved all the publicity his characters are getting. She points out that a week before he died they issued a press release saying that Kermit and Piggy had split but as he died a week later the news was not picked up. Henson feels like the creator of the new Muppets is picking up where her father left off. While it might not exactly be appropriate for Lulu to watch, I still think she’d really enjoy it, but just not get some of the jokes - which is exactly what the old Muppet Show was like. 

To celebrate here is a clip of the swedish chef doing karaoke - probably THE funniest thing you will ever see!

While I may love the Muppets and their new show, Lulu had a different opinion stating 'these muppets aren't funny mum'. Oh well, you can't win them all. 

Things I love: New Towels

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I have been operating on a two towel each policy. When one is in the wash you use the other one. No need for heaps of towels cluttering up the linen cupboard. This has worked well until the few months when these towels, purchased three years ago, are now starting to look fairly ratty from constant use. I am looking forward to moving the ratty ones on and purchasing some lovely new fluffy towels. I may even purchase more than two each to help with the longevity of said towels. I love the charcoal circle towels above from Country Road. I'm also going to be purchasing a few new tea towels and the colourful ones above are perfect for adding new season colour to the kitchen (found here). As for when we'll be enjoying our lovely new bathroom and kitchen, I wish I knew!

FYI - I did end up purchasing these sheets from the last Things I Love post - now I just have to wait until Novemeber for them to be delivered, patience, patience...

Things I Love - Palm Leaf Print

I've noticed the old palm leaf popping up on lots of things lately and I'd love to use palm leaf wallpaper somewhere but I'm really not sure where. I snapped the bottom right photo back in February in Darwin at The Pearl. It really does suit the tropical Darwin vibe, but maybe for Central Australia it's best just to stick with the awesome sheet set from the Odd Collective Bedding? With possibly that cushion from I Love Linen thrown on the couch?
 photo Palm-Leaf-Print_zps5ce3ca52.jpg
So do you think the reign of the pineapple decor phase is over & that the palm left will reign supreme this summer? Let's not forget that the pineapple trend started in Australia a few years ago by stylist Megan Morton. The resurgence of the palm leaf may well and truly start here this year!

PS Nick's response to the photo of the wallpaper was - 'That's terrible', so it may not get a guernsey in our house!