Zelda's Nursery Tour

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

Zelda's nursery came together the weekend before I went into labour. That nesting instinct is something else, hey? For some reason I just wanted it all done that weekend. I think because the following weekend Nick had a trip away planned and the weekend after that was just getting too close to the due date. Little did we know that Zelda had another due date planned!

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the PjsZelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the PjsZelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

We had kept Lulu's cot but in the intervening years it had gone a little moody in the shed, so we opted for a new cot from our local Target store for Zelda. A plant and a few pieces of art that we already owned, including a painting of her sister's went onto her shelf. A hand-me-down collection of shoes plus a new pint rabbit pair from the Small Store, a new cactus and tear out poster plus a mobile from Kmart and the room was pretty much done. This room doubles as a guest room so it includes a pallet bed with a caravan mattress for guests but I also imagine it as a reading space.

Zelda's Nursery Tour | Girl in the Pjs

You can see the nursery inspiration here, Lulu's original nursery here and her second one here

Get the look:
Cot - Target
Cot Sheets - The Small Store
Cactus - Target
Change Table - Target
Chair - Kmart
Rug - Kmart
Mobile - Kmart
Cushion - Kmart
Painting - Lucy Hope
Car - Novita Gifts
Bunny - Vintage


Nursery Inspiration

Girl in the Pjs: Nursery Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few photos that have given me a little inspiration for Zelda's room. I'm thinking feathers, cactus & soft pinks. Here is the moodboard:

Girl in the Pjs: Nursery Inspiration Moodboard

And here is a closer look at each nursery:
Nursery Inspiration
Hanging eucalyptus on Mini Style Blog
Nursery Inspiration
Hanging bright feather necklace on Chelsea's Instagram
Nursery Inspiration
Cactus on Boo and the Boy
Nursery Inspiration
Tassels on 100 Layer Cake-let
Nursery Inspiration
Textures on Ses and Jen
Nursery Inspiration
Indoor plants and a cute bassinet crib on xomrsmeasom

Nursery Inspiration
Cactus on 100 Layer Cake-let
Ps Nursery Before and After & Lulu's Nursery Tour

The Best Backyard Swimming Pools

 photo THE-BEST-BACKYARD-POOLS-04_zpsbhnfsajg.jpg
Apparently you should replace your pool lining every five years. This coming May it will be 4 years since we bought our place and the pool lining certainly wasn't new when we bought the house.  The lining is starting to pull away from the edge and there's a patched hole above the waterline on one side. It looks like we'll need to do something about it this winter.

We could do a straight out replacement, but then it will only last 5 years (or 10 like this one has) so it just might be better to do something else instead of replacing the lining. Tiling is one possibility. I think Nick would like the pool to be lined in tiny mosaic tiles. As nice as that would look, it would cost a fortune to have a tiler carry out the work. We are probably leaning more toward having the pool sprayed in concrete. Much cheaper. It could then have tiles around the top edge, but I do like the smooth concrete look of the pools below.

Which pool is your favourite? I'm divided between the cactus one below and the concrete one at the very end. The mosaic feature in the one below is pretty cool, maybe we could do something like that? What are your thoughts? And isn't the round pool just so cute?! If we didn't already have a pool, I'd want one of them!
 photo the-best-backyard-pools-03_zpsjlc13c53.jpg
cacti pool via georgia design
 photo the-best-backyard-pools-02_zpsr0pmcehx.jpg
aqua via picnics caron
 photo the-best-backyard-pools_zpsojpm11c6.jpg
round pool via apartment therapy
 photo the-best-backyard-pools-01_zpsm3pns86p.jpg
concrete pool via the outdoor co.operative

Link Love - home decor & pinks

 photo cloud-fluff_zpsb1lhbayk.jpg Normally in February Darwin is humid, hot & sweaty, but I lucked out this past week. I was there on a work trip and Darwin put on some nice weather for a change. It was overcast and about 28 each day. It rained at night, not during the day and you could walk to work without needing a change of clothes. Not sweaty at all. And now it is suddenly the weekend again. We are planning on catching up with friends, cleaning the house and resting - exciting times! How about you?

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

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