47th Top Half Folk Festival

A few photos from the 47th Top Half Folk Festival 

The music was fantastic, the kids, well Lulu was great but the other were struggling to get over colds and coughs and like anyone, they did not appreciate the cold, windy weather. I ended up taking Zelda home early. A baby with a wet cough and minus temperatures in a tent do not mix well. We were so thankful for our friends that came with us who are experienced campers. They made it so much more easy for us to handle Zelda while they started the food prep in the morning. Bananas and chocolate cooked in the fire for breaky?! Yes please!

The Top Half Folk Festival is held every two years at Glen Helen Resort You can fly to Alice Springs, hire a camper van, drive out along the beautiful West Macs and take part in 2019! Your camper will be a lot warmer than our tent - guaranteed!

Weekend Getaway at Glen Helen

 photo Ormiston-3_zpsavatmagn.jpg

Nick is enjoying a little paternity leave at the moment so we decided at the last minute to head out to

Glen Helen Homestead Lodge

overnight on Friday. It seemed to take forever to get everything ready and all of us into the car, but really it only took 2.5 hrs and that included time for both of us to have showers and a preschool pick-up plus filing the car with fuel, so not that long, really.

 photo Ormiston-2_zpstoa9zfdb.jpg
 photo Ormiston_zps6bi9myov.jpg

On the way to Glen Helen we stopped in at Ellery Big Hole to have a quick toilet break and to give Zelda a feed. This break turned into a swim for Lulu as well. In true Territorian fashion, we forgot to pack bathers for Lulu so she swam nudie.

There was another family there who asked me how old Zelda was and then asked if we were from here. When I replied yes, she said 'oh good' in a very relieved way. I am unsure if the reply was in response to Lulu's nakedness, Nick telling the British backpackers the best place to jump in from or Zelda being 'too young' to be out and about. Either way it seemed a little judgemental.

 photo Glen-Helen_zpskvgsschj.jpg

After Ellery we headed onto

Glen Helen

. Aside from an incident with their galah, Gee, everything went well. A cozy cabin and dinner in the restaurant. Zelda only woke up 4 times in the night - agh!

We came prepared to make breakfast ourselves, bringing eggs, bread, bacon & hot sauce. Nick cooked an awesome breakfast. Glen Helen even supply BBQ utensils, which was awesome because of course we forgot them! A big shout out to the wonderful people who shared their tomato sauce with Lulu, as we also forgot tomato sauce. It was so nice to get out of town and one night was just enough for me.

 photo Breakfast-at-Glen-Helen_zpsppo9gz85.jpg
 photo Breakfast-at-Glen-Helen-2_zps4in8vqae.jpg

A day at Glen Helen Gorge

 photo A-day-at-Glen-Helen_zpswlw0y0cb.jpg
My brother visited us back in November and one of the things on his list to do while he was in the Centre was to head out to Glen Helen. We, of course, obliged.

Glen Helen Homestead Lodge is an easy day trip from Alice Springs. There is a permanent waterhole a short distance from the lodge, known as Glen Helen Gorge. It's quite deep and it seems the water never gets stagnant. The water tends to be cool because of the great depth of the gorge. 

The day we went was a really hot day so swimming was high on the agenda, but not before we had a huge burger at Glen Helen Homestead Lodge. One of the great things about Glen Helen is that there is food for sale there. It's rare that you can head out bush for the day and not have to pack food. We are always incredibly last minute in our plans so being able to purchase lunch means that we can just take off to Glen Helen for the day without much preparation. The food there is great and yes, we waited the obligatory time after eating before swimming, the time was mostly taken up with sunscreening and then walking to the waterhole. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Lodge. Which doesn't sound far, but in the heat, with a three year old, I can tell you, it is far. It was worth it though! The scenery is beautiful and the water was just perfect. Plus there were hardly any other people there. Our own little oasis!

 photo A-day-at-Glen-Helen-01_zps0gu2peyi.jpg photo A-day-at-Glen-Helen-02_zpskafoludv.jpg photo A-day-at-Glen-Helen-03_zps0auau5zx.jpg photo A-day-at-Glen-Helen-04_zpswk1uk3km.jpg

Ps Top Half Folk Festival, Top Half Folk Festival, Our Day in the West Macs

Top Half Folk Festival 2015

 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-8_zpsl3e4pebe.jpg
Lulu's run bike copped a workout from every kid & a few fights over who's turn it was
We spent the June long weekend at the Top Half Folk Festival at Glen Helen. It was a wonderful weekend, suitable for people of all ages. My parents came with their caravan. Friends came with their 3 kids under 4. Nick's mum was there for the Sunday night. Many of our friend's parents attended. One of the artist's mentioned that his 14 year old son was choosing to spend his gig in the car! A festival for the whole family, should they choose to participate.

The headline act was Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers, an awesome folk/country band from Sydney. It may have been overheard on the way out of their Saturday night gig that 'they were great but they weren't real folk'. The whole festival had a bit of a 'changing of the guard' as it has been attended by the same folkies over the last 45 years and they have held close to what they believe true folk is, but as they get older and folk evolves it is time to connect with a younger generation. Though I know nothing about folk, I do think the festival organisers a great job blending traditional folk with contemporary.
 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-2_zps50vbe529.jpg
Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers

 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-7_zpsrmzdqtk9.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-4_zpsiwrqyulx.jpg photo Glen-Helen_zpskhkg4rln.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-1_zpsa2rhewyw.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-3_zpstkeiixsb.jpg photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-9_zpspk9kazkv.jpg
Glen Helen is 130km west of Alice Springs. You can stay there year round in motel rooms, bunkhouse rooms or at the campground. There is a swimming pool, a waterhole and an award winning restaurant.

The Top Half Folk Festival is on every second year at Glen Helen on the June long weekend. Alternate years you'll find it at Mary River.

Out of town - Our day in the West Macs

 photo 1_zps19a87695.jpg photo 2_zps99eef263.jpg photo 3_zps4138b398.jpg photo 4_zpsd38816f8.jpg
My brother & his girlfriend were visiting us from Adelaide last week and on Friday we took the opportunity to get out of town and show them a little taste of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Our first stop was Ellery Creek Big Hole. Ellery Creek Big Hole is the closest waterhole to Alice Springs that always has water and with it's 'sandy beach' and no crocodiles (they're only in the Top End) it's a great place to go swimming. After waking from her nap at Ellery, Lulu refused to leave my side so I could only dip my toes in while holding her. The water was freezing, but refreshing on a 30 degree day.

We had our picnic lunch of roast chicken and salad rolls at Ellery (the constant effort to keep the flies off our food does not make for good lunchtime photos!) and then continued onto Glen Helen for another swim and an ice-cream. Lulu loved sitting at the bar in the Glen Helen Resort, telling her tales.

The ride home was marred by a huge spew from a tiny gal (a little too much ice cream I think) who then promptly passed out. It really was lovely getting out of town for a little bit. We need to do this more often!