Making time to work out.

I've made it to the gym three days in a row & I feel awesome. I’m finding that consistent gym time is helping my mental health as well as physical health. You may not know that I signed up for the last round of 12wbt. While I didn't get to follow it as much as I wanted because the lack of sleep from Zelda (seriously, who’s getting up to workout at 5:30am when you’ve been awake at 11pm, 1am and 3am?) & working full time made it untenable. I had time away with work, Lulu started her after school activities and it all meant that it wasn’t the right time for me to commit to doing the 12wbt. Making time for workouts has been so hard. 

Short Workouts

What changed my mindset in regards to fitting in a workout, was the 'quick' workouts that were part of the post-pregnancy 12wbt program. Keeping the workout to half hour is far more doable than an hour, which had previously been the set workout on the other 12wbt program that I did. You can get to the gym & back home again within that hour. You feel like you’ve had a workout & some time to yourself but it hasn’t taken up the entire evening. 

So this is the first time in a long time that I have clocked three days in a row, but you have to start somewhere, hey?! I’m normally two or three times a week, but it hasn’t been three times in a row in a while and it feels good. Maybe it is all just starting to settle down and get into more of a routine post-newborn baby too. So anyway, my tip to you if you are struggling to fit in workouts is to cut the time down, oh and mix up the workout. Try something different and find the passion again. 


Post Partum Fitness Update

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Ok, so inspire of my best intentions, I have not been regular with my exercise. I have, however, found that my overall fitness level has been maintained through this past pregnancy and postpartum exercise has not been as big a mountain to climb, so to speak. Through August I was quite sick and this stopped me from exercising as much as I would have liked. I'd like to blame the kids, I really would but they haven't stopped me from exercising, I have. September has been a little on the cooler side and that just prevents me getting out of bed early in the morning. Plus the rain, who wants to head outside in the rain, even if it is to the gym?


Instead of dwelling on what I haven't achieve, let's look instead at what I have accomplished, fitness wise, in the past three months:

My fastest ever 5kms - I entered the 5km run during the Alice Springs Running Festival and completed my fastest 5kms.

I can do 3 sets of 40 sec wall sits.

I did the 8km King of the Mountain walk from the YMCA to the top of Mt Gillen. I placed in the top 50 females. Considering there were 500 participants, I think that was pretty good.


I haven't hit many of my goals but did achieve things that weren't on my goal list. Maybe the lesson here is not to make goals & to take every opportunity that is offered? Ha! This time round I am going to set a realistic goal of exercising at least 4 days per week. Here's to realistic goals & grasping opportunities.


My Postpartum Fitness Journey


Exercise Stats 2016 Week 1

(inc my previous goals).

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Exercise Stats 2016 Week 7 & 8

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Sunday Weights | Monday 4km 9:15/km | Sunday 5km 7:38/km

I mixed it up in week 7 and did weights on Sunday instead of a long run. Mainly because Sunday was freezing and spitting rain at the time that I needed to exercise. Later that afternoon it was sunny and gorgeous, but when you are trying to fit exercise around everything else, you can't be choosy about the time that you go. 

Monday I managed a 4km run so I signed up for the Alice Springs Running Festival 5km the following Sunday. On the day of the race I woke with a sinus infection and no voice but went anyway and ended up running the fastest 1km that I have ever done at 7:23 per km. I'm so glad that I got up and did the run. There is something about having a babysitter booked, a place reserved and a friend picking you up that keeps you going no matter how sick you are feeling. Having said that I then spent the rest of the week in bed or resting. My voice has come back but not entirely and I'm still not 100%. Missing exercise a lot! 

Exercise Stats 2016 Week 6

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Sunday 6km run/walk along the Telegraph Station trail, pictured above | Monday Weights | Tuesday 3.5km Run | Wednesday Weights | Thursday Rest | Friday Rest | Saturday Rest

This week was so much better for exercise. I was feeling much better and everything just flowed from there. It all took a downturn once the weekend hit though but 4 workouts for the week is pretty good. I'll see if I can hit five this week. Wish me luck! 

Exercise Stats 2016 Week 5

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Sunday  | Monday  | Tuesday  | Wednesday  | Thursday  | Friday | Saturday Weights

This past week I was sick all week and so no exercise was had. By Saturday my nose was still snuffly but I just had to get out of the house for some exercise. Needless to say after the last few weeks of poor gym attendance, my measurements have not changed. Here's to making a difference with the next few weeks!

Exercise Stats 2016 Week 3

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Sunday Gardening instead of Workout | Monday Weights | Tuesday 4 km indoor run | Wednesday weights | Thursday Rest | Friday Rest | Saturday Rest

Monday and Wednesday I had afternoon workouts. Tuesday I was woken by Zelda at 6am. She re-settled herself but I took the opportunity to head to the gym early.

This week was another that I didn't make my goal of 5 workouts a week, but I did meet or exceed my daily move goal each day, so that is something. I'm up to 40 seconds each for my wall sits, inching closer to my 1 minute goal. Getting there slowly.

Ps My Postpartum Fitness Journey, Exercise Stats 2016 Week 1


Exercise Stats 2016 Week 1

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Following on from Thursday's post, here are this week's exercise stats:

Sunday Weights | Monday First indoor run - 3.78km | Tuesday Weights | Wednesday Indoor Run - 4km | Thursday Weights | Friday Rest | Saturday Rest

Aside from the first run postpartum, I also managed a wall sit this week that lasted more than 30sec. I kept up the wall sits while pregnant so I am delighted that I have been able to maintain that strength. I'm setting a goal of being able to do three wall sits for a minute each by then end of the week 4.

My three goals for this period of exercise are:
1. Increase weights by 10%
2. Run 5km standard
3. Three wall sits of a minute each

I also aim to do at least 5 workouts a week, with three being weights workouts. To fit exercise into my day, I went to the gym before Nick went to work on Tuesday and Thursday. My parents had Zelda on Wednesday while I went to the gym. Monday I went after Nick finished work. It's all about taking those little opportunities and just going for it!

Ps Exercise Stats Week 23, How to fit exercise into your daily routine


My postpartum fitness journey

Postpartum fitness | Girl in the Pjs

Exercise was something that I was able to maintain through the second trimester of my pregnancy. Around 28 weeks I stopped doing weights and instead continued to do rolling hill walks (level 1) on the treadmill right up until about 2 weeks before the birth. At that stage, things had become a little too busy at work and I had started to feel a little too uncomfortable on the treadmill. By the time Zelda left hospital I hadn't worked out for over a month and I was itching to get back to exercising. Two and a half weeks postpartum (post c-section!) is no time to be exercising. You can barely walk around the block at this stage. So I waited and waited. I found it hard to resume 'normal life', let alone exercise and by 5 weeks postpartum it seemed that my health had slipped backwards. I was so sore, everything hurt far worse than when I was visiting Zelda in hospital. I checked in with my midwife (who the week before had insisted I rest more) and asked to see an ob-gyn. The doctor said that there was no physical reason why I was in so much pain. He thought that perhaps I was resting too much and gave me the all clear to hit the gym again. Thank goodness. I went to the gym the very next day. And it worked. The pain slowly went away.

5 Weeks Postpartum
At 5 weeks, 2 days postpartum I started rolling hill walks on the treadmill, level 1, speed 5.6 for 20 mins. I then did light stretching/yoga, including side planks as I had read that they were very good for strengthening your core without working the stomach muscles that were still healing. I made it to the gym maybe twice a week and twice a week did at home exercises - this postpartum workout and light stretching/yoga with side planks. At 6.5 weeks postpartum I received the all clear in regards to my abdomen but it still didn't feel quite right to be running again. In those early weeks you feel as if your tummy might fall out! Low impact walking is much better for you while your abdomen gets back to some kind of normal.

8 Weeks Postpartum
At 8 weeks postpartum I kicked it up a notch and added in weights workouts at the gym two times a week plus the hill walks once a week, of course with stretching, side planks and wall sits. I had continued to do wall sits through the pregnancy so I was keen to start these again.

10 Weeks Postpartum
Over the past two weeks I slowly began adding a minute or two of running to the hill walks and on Monday I completed my first 3.5km (2 mile) run since having Zelda!

My Key Postpartum Fitness Items:
1. Apple Watch I love using my Apple watch for tracking my exercise. A few years ago Nick gave me a polar heart rate monitor and I bought a fit bit last year but the Apple watch is by far the better tool for someone getting back into fitness. Rather than just trying to reach a goal with the fit bit (10000 steps) or the Polar (500 calories), the Apple watch fitness tracker sets goals based on what you did last time. I find beating my last effort to be far more rewarding than trying to reach that abstract goal and failing (I hardly ever burnt 500 calories in a work out).

2. Measurements While I have returned to my pre-baby weight (63.5kg, my height is 152cm), I haven't returned to my pre-baby shape! I think that my weight must have been a little higher than it should have been because of muscle weight and stopping the weights workout changed that weight to fat. Measurements are where it is at folks! My pre baby waist was 86cm (I measure around my belly button as that is the easiest to ensure that the measurement is taken at the same spot each time) and my 'hip' (the largest part around my thighs and butt) was 103. This is why measurements are so important because at the same pre-baby weight my current waist is 92 (6cm bigger) and my hip 105cm (2 cm bigger but it makes a huge difference!). My current aim is to go down a few kilos as well centimetres. I am going to eat well, but not crazy - I want this to be something that I can sustain - it's all well and good to say you're totally giving up alcohol or sugar but the reality is never what you imagine. This will be more of a lifestyle shift rather than diet and I want to work out regularly. I love working out and everything is so much better when I do.

To that end I am going to once again do a small update post each Sunday over the next 12 weeks to track how I have gone over the week. My wins and my losses. I miss the accountability of blogging about my fitness. Sharing keeps me accountable and I hope it inspires you.

Ps Three ways to fit exercise into your daily routine, Postpartum weight loss for realistic mums


3 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

3 Ways to fit exercise into your daily routine
If you follow me on instagram you might notice that I go to the gym quite regularly and you might be wondering how I manage to fit it in to my daily routine along with full-time work and a child? For me it’s all about planning and mind set along with the knowledge that I am going to feel 110% better if I go than if I don’t. Not going tends to lead to depression like symptoms but even if your feelings are not that drastic, here are 3 ways to fit exercise into your daily routine:

1. Trade Off With Your Partner
I have a husband who is totally capable of looking after Lulu and Nick loves to mountain bike so we trade off on who gets to exercise in the morning and who gets to exercise afterwork. In summer the prime time is the morning (by night it can be 40C!) and in winter the prime time is after work (the mornings can be -1C or lower - no one wants to be mountain bike riding or running in that!). The person not exercising looks after the child. If your partner doesn’t like to exercise then use something else to trade off. 

2. Decide the night before 
Make the decision to go to the gym the night before. Of course if you are organising childcare then yes that will happen the night before but what deciding the night before also does is take away that ‘will I/ wont I’ discussion you have in your head in the wee hours of the morning when your alarm goes off and it’s too cold to get out of bed. The night before I put my gym clothes into the bathroom so I can get out of bed without disturbing Nick, get dressed and go. 

3. Use your mornings
Personally I prefer to go in the morning. How often have you had a crappy day and by the end of it all you want to do is flop on the couch and cuddle your kid while you watch ABC 4 Kids? No that’s never happened to you? Agh, of course it has. By going in the morning your daily exercise is done and you can cuddle on the couch with your kid to your hearts content after work. 

How do you fit exercise into your daily routine? Do you go in the morning or at night or not at all? Have you used one (or all) of these methods before? I’d love to hear how you fit exercise into your daily routine. 

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