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 photo cloud-fluff_zpsb1lhbayk.jpg Normally in February Darwin is humid, hot & sweaty, but I lucked out this past week. I was there on a work trip and Darwin put on some nice weather for a change. It was overcast and about 28 each day. It rained at night, not during the day and you could walk to work without needing a change of clothes. Not sweaty at all. And now it is suddenly the weekend again. We are planning on catching up with friends, cleaning the house and resting - exciting times! How about you?

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

This apartment has something every apartment should have

A stylish Helsinki Home on My Scandi Home

The pinks in this post by Design Love Fest

Joni from Lay Baby Lay on balancing creativity, motherhood and work

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Still green Alice Springs!

The Nappy Collective October 2015

 photo the-nappy-collective_zpsvodgu0vz.jpg
The Nappy Collective is collecting nappies again this October in Alice Springs. Have a stash of outgrown nappies that your kid has grown out of? Well, donate them to the Nappy Collective who pass them onto mother's in need at the Alice Springs Women's Shelter

The incidences of domestic violence in the Northern Territory are high, with over 60% of assault offences being domestic violence related. Mothers fleeing family violence often struggle to provide for their young children, changing their babies less frequently or forgoing other basic essentials to afford nappies. By donating leftover nappies Alice Springs parents can do a small part in easing the burden for families affected.

The Nappy Collective will run from October 16 -30. Nappies can be donated to the Collective at Exotiq Homewares, Target and Ju Ju Beane. The Nappy Collective will also run in various cities around Australia during the same period, including Darwin! For more information 

Let's see if we can double this giant stack collected at Ju Ju Beane in May!
 photo Ju-Ju-Beane_zpsvwtxh7s6.jpg

Link Love

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I've spent the past week in Darwin for an all staff workshop with work. We got to stay at the lovely airport resort, which wasn't as bad as I first imagined. The whether was beautiful and I was able to get a lot of down time in & ended up finishing two novels while I was away, not bad! I also spotted this bat one afternoon while reading. The bat tried for a while to get comfy on that tree, but eventually gave up! Also a big shout out to my lovely friend Noosh, who rescued me one evening for dinner at Chow by the waterfront. Delightful.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

A chat with Mindy Kaling on the Guardian

Inside Out Magazine is running a search for a stylist competition - Check out the cover I voted for here.

Loving this linen, In Bed With Fred, on The Petite Edit

This cross mood board on Style Life Home is right up my alley!

The Upside has a huge sale on right now - I snapped up these leggings last weekend & they have already arrived in Alice Springs! Amazing & great leggings by the way!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend - we're thinking of heading out to Rainbow Valley - wish us luck x