An overnight getaway at Hale River homestead

An hours drive east of Alice Springs is a little oasis, just perfect for an overnight or weekend getaway. Hale River Homestead on Old Ambulindum Station is a station stay nestled within the East MacDonnell Ranges along the Binns Track in Central Australia.

Overnight or weekend getaways are few and far between out of Alice. Aside from a 5 hour drive to Uluru, there are only a handful of places you can go that aren’t camping only. Hale River Homestead not only offers a campground but it also has the old homestead, a cottage, the gen shed or a bunkhouse to rent for overnight or long stay if camping isn’t your thing. ‘The Workshop’ even caters for meals and drinks, if you don’t feel like cooking or packing all the food you need to cook something!

Girl in the Pjs Hale River Homestead
Girl in the Pjs Hale River Homestead
Girl in the Pjs Campfire
Girl in the Pjs Hale River Homestead
Girl in the Pjs Hale River Homestead

Our Getaway

We rented the bunkhouse for our Picnic Day overnight getaway at Hale River Homestead. There was a brief moment when we considered getting away for the entire weekend but with the small kids, one night is optimal, leaving the long weekend Monday to do other chores. Jemima reminded us of this while I walked her in the Bjorn at 12:30am!

The Bunkhouse has a fully equipped kitchen and a BBQ, perfect for a sausage dinner for the kids, to reheat brisket for the adults and for bacon and eggs in the morning! None of which I can take credit for.

Marshmallows by the fire and a wine or two was just a dream due to the Jemima troubles but next time. She won’t be little forever. We’ll definitely be taking another getaway weekend at Hale River Homestead.


Alice Springs sees a mass exodus over the Christmas/New Year period with all most everyone heading to a beach. Being smack bang in the centre of Australia, Alice happens to be the closest town to EVERY beach in Australia!  It has been a number of years since we left Alice at Christmas time, so this year we packed everything up and headed south to spend Christmas at Apollo Bay and enjoy some quality beach time.


The water at Apollo Bay is always freezing and Zelda did not take to it at all. In fact, one day she gave her self a sponge bath from a bucket of water on the sand rather than step into the water! Apollo Bay has the added bonus of having what feels like the coldest weather in Australia. So a 20 degree day, if cloudy, can feel freezing but if sunny can feel so so warm. It was rather nice to be there while Alice Springs sweltered through a week of 40+. How did you spend the Christmas break? Hope it was wonderful & am wishing you a very happy new year xx