Innovations in hand cream

Every now and then you discover something that is genius. This month I discovered Enbacci brightening hand and nail cream with SPF 15. I know, adding sunscreen into a hand cream is mind-blowing in itself, but Enbacci hasn’t just added sunscreen to hand cream, they have also made it non-greasy. You heard me, non-greasy. It dries almost immediately! I tend to avoid or forget to put sunscreen on my hands due to the grease factor. No more with Enbacci’s Brightening hand and nail cream.

Along with the eyes and neck, hands are one of the first areas to start displaying signs of ageing. In addition to age spots and wrinkles, collagen levels naturally deplete over time which can leave hands looking sallow and dehydrated. To combat this, dermatologists often recommend an integrated approach to hand care in the form of a nourishing hand cleanser, day time SPF protection, and hydrating night time moisture routine. By protecting and restoring the hands, a UV-induced enzyme referred to as Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) is inhibited, which in turn extends the life of collagen and moisture levels in the skin. Decreasing the risk of your skin cracking from the harsh cold of the dry Alice Springs winters.

“While freckles are not always a cause for concern, they can be a precursor to certain skin conditions and cancers. “Taking the right skincare precautions and having regular check-up’s with your GP or dermatologist will ensure your hands stay youthful and healthy for as long as possible,” said Enbacci founder Yong-Li Zhou.  

The hand care range, which follows years of laboratory research and biotechnology formulations, is designed for all skin types, ethnicities, genders and ages; and is available nationwide at 

Enbacci is an Australian company based in Melbourne. If you happen to be in Melbourne you can pop into their store in Pahran. They don’t test on animals and all materials are fully recyclable. So you feel smug while protecting your skin!

*I was gifted the hand cream but all opinions are my own. This will be a handbag staple from now on!