It’s that time of year again, when the desert lights up in all of the colours of Parrtjima. Parrtjima is a FREE 10-day festival in light, showcasing artworks against the natural canvas of the Red Centre, in two locations, the Desert Park and the Todd Mall.

We took the opportunity Friday night to wander through the Parrtjima lights in the Todd Mall. Interwoven through the Mall this year are lighting effects representing the moths and the stink bugs to build upon the caterpillar stories told by custodians last year. It was so lovely to see so many people out after dark enjoying the night. Here are a few of the beautiful installations in the CBD. The installations will be there until the 14th April so if you haven’t already gone, I encourage you to do so.


Wildflower Explosion in Central Australia 2016

 photo Wildflowers-Central-Australia-2016_zps1zws01qu.jpg

This year has seen a bumper wildflower season. I think it must be the rainy winter that we've had that has lead to the wildflower explosion in Central Australia. Beyond our back fence and even in our yard (though there would have been more had I not been so militant about getting rid of 'weeds') there are wildflowers everywhere. On an average year there are normally a few along the river, but not everywhere else. It has been wonderful to see. I also think that we are seeing more due to the amazing efforts of the community landcare groups that have worked to get rid of the buffel grass and saltbush in the swamp and the buffel grass around Spencer Hill.

Below are a few more photos of the wonderful wildflowers that have appeared this year.

 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016-4_zpsmhybosba.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016-3_zps4iiugphx.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016_zpslk1tyihw.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016-2_zpsmoewriho.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Alice-Springs-2016-1_zpssgzwakw5.jpg
 photo Wildflowers-Central Australia-2016-5_zpsr6uqp66s.jpg

Alice Springs Stormageddon 2016

Last Friday Alice Springs experienced stormageddon. The sky began to darken around 3pm, but the thunder and the clouds seemed to be heading south. Lulu, Zelda and I were at the park but Lulu began to worry about rain coming so rather than walk to the shop like I had planned, we headed home. I took some of the washing inside, just in case. We cooked the chocolate chip cookies that we had prepared dough for earlier that morning. I put on ABC4Kids as we entered the 'wind down' part of the day. The first batch of cookies were baked but before I could make a coffee, the rain started.

The noise was unbelievable! The tv signal stopped working and I moved Lulu from under the roof of the extension to the lounge room where it was somewhat quieter. We put DocMcStuffins on netflix on the laptop and had the laptop on my lap so that we could here it, though the sound was up as high as it could go. As the hail piled up outside, the water slowly began to leak though the join in the ceiling between the old house and the 70s extension. Luckily we had had the roof replaced when we renovated, otherwise things could have been a lot worse.

After the second storm had passed Lulu and I explored outside (Zelda slept the entire time). We found that ice had blanketed our yard, along with torn leaves from the trees and large branches blocked the road. It was something else. I shared a few photos on my instagram, but here are a few more of the storm aftermath.

Girl in the Pjs: Alice Springs Storm 2016
 Girl in the Pjs: Alice Springs Storm 2016
Girl in the Pjs: Alice Springs Storm 2016
Girl in the Pjs: Alice Springs Storm 2016
Girl in the Pjs: Alice Springs Storm 2016
Girl in the Pjs: Alice Springs Storm 2016
Girl in the Pjs: Alice Springs Storm 2016

An evening at the Alice Springs Desert Park

 photo An-Evening-at-the-Desert-Park_zpsqwzmqhrb.jpg


Alice Springs Desert Park

recently had an open evening. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I went to the Desert Park. Like over ten years! Turns out that a lot has changed in 10 years. There is now an aquarium, a desert waterlife exhibit, a dingo enclosure and many more fun things for kids.

The Desert Park presents an number of different desert ecosystems and contributes to the conservation of desert flora and fauna. The nocturnal house is still my favourite. You can see all sorts of desert animals that only come out at night like the b

rush-tailed phascogale

. Lulu loved the aquarium - yes there are desert fish!

Here are a few photos from our visit & if you are ever in Alice Springs, put

the Desert Park

at the top of your to do list! 

 photo Desert-Park-2_zps0qzbys0w.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-3_zpspgctgooj.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-1_zpskvqi42e3.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-4_zpstwuilqbn.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-5_zpsb5j3glmh.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-6_zpsdezdfa7m.jpg
 photo Desert-Park-7_zpsr3tsy2lw.jpg