Baby Sleep Update

Zelda's sleep problems appeared to get better. One night towards the end of February Zelda just slept through the night. She repeated it again the next night and the next. For most of March, while we were on holiday, she slept through the night. Then she stopped. 

For all of April she woke up at least two times a night. She used to sleep in until 7, but then started getting up around 6. One night towards the end of April she slept through, but it was just one night. Towards the end of May, after escalating to 4 plus wake ups a night and 5:30am starts, we couldn't take it anymore. With the new baby coming, there was no way we could continue to live like this.

We had wanted to engage a sleep consultant when we were on holiday, but Zelda timed her sleeping through the night again with our holiday and we falsely assumed that it would last. I happened to be home from work sick & was scrolling through instagram when I came across a post about the Sleep & Grow Company. The Sleep & Grow Company has helped this mum reclaim hours of sleep and changed their lives. I immediately looked up the website and sent an enquiry that morning. By the following evening we had had an initial over the phone consultation with Vikki and had been emailed a plan of action. 

The plan of action helped us put into place a number of things that we knew we should be doing but had not been consistent with. Knowing that it was all written down and easy to follow, with help available, helped us to be consistent. What I also loved was that the action plan involved Zelda, it spoke to her at her level, telling her what was going to happen and bringing her along with the sleep program. The advantages of her being a little older that the average baby sleep problems. 

If your baby/toddler/small child is having sleep problems do not leave it as long as we did and blame all other things under the sun. Get some help. Contact the Sleep and Grow Company. You won't regret it. Everything is more rosy when you've all had some sleep.

Zelda is even napping in the daytime again, all thanks to Vikki!

Zelda is even napping in the daytime again, all thanks to Vikki!