Gardening with kids

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A few months back, we were at the garden shop picking up some herbs to plant when Lulu requested that we also plant some vegetables. I normally shy away from growing anything beyond herbs as I never remember to water them, then they die. It's like throwing away my money. But since Lulu asked and it seemed like a good activity, I said yes. She chose carrots, peas and beetroot. We planted, we watered. I then remembered to water and when I didn't, have been lucky that this has been a very rainy late winter/spring.

Low and behold, vegetables have grown. We have eaten some peas and carrots and there's still more. We're waiting on the beetroot, letting it grow a little bigger. It is terribly exciting. Lulu is so proud of her vegetables. Now for us to get the fruit trees back on track for next year.
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