Post Partum Fitness Update

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Ok, so inspire of my best intentions, I have not been regular with my exercise. I have, however, found that my overall fitness level has been maintained through this past pregnancy and postpartum exercise has not been as big a mountain to climb, so to speak. Through August I was quite sick and this stopped me from exercising as much as I would have liked. I'd like to blame the kids, I really would but they haven't stopped me from exercising, I have. September has been a little on the cooler side and that just prevents me getting out of bed early in the morning. Plus the rain, who wants to head outside in the rain, even if it is to the gym?


Instead of dwelling on what I haven't achieve, let's look instead at what I have accomplished, fitness wise, in the past three months:

My fastest ever 5kms - I entered the 5km run during the Alice Springs Running Festival and completed my fastest 5kms.

I can do 3 sets of 40 sec wall sits.

I did the 8km King of the Mountain walk from the YMCA to the top of Mt Gillen. I placed in the top 50 females. Considering there were 500 participants, I think that was pretty good.


I haven't hit many of my goals but did achieve things that weren't on my goal list. Maybe the lesson here is not to make goals & to take every opportunity that is offered? Ha! This time round I am going to set a realistic goal of exercising at least 4 days per week. Here's to realistic goals & grasping opportunities.


My Postpartum Fitness Journey


Exercise Stats 2016 Week 1

(inc my previous goals).

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