Link Love - Birth Control, Plants and Survivors

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This is the weekend to end all weekends in Alice Springs, that one weekend where there is not only something on each day, but more than one thing on each day and people visiting. Tonight there is a movie night for the movie Bad Moms at the cinema, but there is also the Alice Springs Bicycle Film Festival. Tomorrow there is the Eco Fair at Olive Pink but also the Old Timers Fete (Yes our nursing home is accurately called 'Old Timers'). Sunday is the markets but also the Eco Fair. We can go for months without something on then suddenly boom it all hits at once.

We also have visitors this weekend. A friend staying here as well as friend's staying at my mother-in-laws'. A huge family lunch on Saturday. Maybe a quiet afternoon Sunday. I'm not sure as yet what I'll choose from the other activities, aside from Bad Moms, I couldn't pass on that! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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