Exercise Stats 2016 Week 7 & 8

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Sunday Weights | Monday 4km 9:15/km | Sunday 5km 7:38/km

I mixed it up in week 7 and did weights on Sunday instead of a long run. Mainly because Sunday was freezing and spitting rain at the time that I needed to exercise. Later that afternoon it was sunny and gorgeous, but when you are trying to fit exercise around everything else, you can't be choosy about the time that you go. 

Monday I managed a 4km run so I signed up for the Alice Springs Running Festival 5km the following Sunday. On the day of the race I woke with a sinus infection and no voice but went anyway and ended up running the fastest 1km that I have ever done at 7:23 per km. I'm so glad that I got up and did the run. There is something about having a babysitter booked, a place reserved and a friend picking you up that keeps you going no matter how sick you are feeling. Having said that I then spent the rest of the week in bed or resting. My voice has come back but not entirely and I'm still not 100%. Missing exercise a lot!