When I get a minute

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Leigh Sales and Anabelle Crabb are pretty much my gurus. They're both smart, interested in politics, love reading and watching tv. They're pretty much me, except that that are also excellent at cooking and are on tv. But apart from that you would totally mistake them for me, wouldn't you?

Not only do they have a great podcast, Chat 10 Looks 3, they also have a web series on ABC iView, When I Get A Minute. The web series is basically their podcast but it's shot in more interesting locations than where the podcast is recorded. The podcast mostly being recorded in the ABC breastfeeding cupboard, it doesn't take much to get a more interesting location than that. Being a little more polished than the podcast it is missing that mad-cap element of interruptions that makes the podcast endearing.

The web series covers the same ground as the podcast, what they are reading, watching or making with a little bit of politics. How do these busy ladies have time to watch tv and read so much? I bet they aren't scrolling instagram in their spare time & instead are reading books or actually watching tv. When I Get A Minute is shorter that the podcast. Great for if you don't have time to listen to a half-hour/hour podcast. There is also a re-cap screen at the end with each tv show, book, article or movie that they have mentioned on it that you can pause while you grab a pen and copy down anything that you'd like to follow up on. A little easier than finishing the podcast and having to get out the computer to look up the show notes.

When I Get A Minute has the same great banter as the podcast but I found myself wanting to be at the gym or going for a walk while I listened, rather than being stuck in front of the tv watching them. It's great to have on in the background while you try out a cake recipe.

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