Maternity Leave Lunch

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Ever see photos from events on instagram or blogs and wish something similar could take place here in Alice Springs? You know the ones where everyone enjoys a beautiful lunch or hears from a wonderful speaker or learns how to style a dinner party? Well there there is no reason why wonderful events can't happen here in Alice Springs. However, events don't occur in a vacuum, someone needs to organise them and bring people together, so I have started an events company, Creative Cactus Events.

The first event will be on July 28. I'm hosting a Maternity Leave Lunch at Casa Nostra. The lunch is aimed at women on maternity leave who might be missing a little adult conversation in their lives. A place to be supported by other women in similar circumstances as you. Maternity leave can be a little isolating and a bit of a shock, going from being surrounded by colleagues to only having an infant for company. Traditional 'mother's groups' tend to focus on the baby. This Maternity Leave Lunch will focus more on the mum as a person. Just because you had a baby doesn't mean you've stopped being a person. The experience of having a baby shifts who you are and it can take some time before you feel like you again. I hoping that these lunches will bring you back to feeling a little more like you.

I am so excited about this first event. Being on maternity leave, it will give me a reason to get out of the house! A huge thank you to the team at Casa Nostra who have been so supportive of Creative Cactus Events. We are also partnering with other small businesses to give each mum an awesome goodie bag at the lunch! Hope to see you there.

Tickets can be purchase here
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