Link Love - Election Weekend

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I must admit I am a bit of a political junkee. I do follow what is happening in the political spectrum and I think that it is worthwhile, to not only be informed, but also to know what you stand for and what the people you are voting for stand for. Is not cool to say that you aren't engaged. The political sphere affects you. You should vote and that vote should be an informed one. Every vote counts.

Having said that, election campaigns are always a few weeks too long and I think we can all agree that we are thankful that this election campaign is coming to an end tomorrow. Today's link love brings you a few political links that caught my eye this week.

When Ben met Sarah
Scottish tweets to Donald Trump after he forgot which country he was in
You can't waste your vote
25 Simpsons quotes that sum up the Aussie Election
Playground Politics

Happy Weekend Folks, enjoy that sausage sizzle!

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