Exercise Stats 2016 Week 1

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Following on from Thursday's post, here are this week's exercise stats:

Sunday Weights | Monday First indoor run - 3.78km | Tuesday Weights | Wednesday Indoor Run - 4km | Thursday Weights | Friday Rest | Saturday Rest

Aside from the first run postpartum, I also managed a wall sit this week that lasted more than 30sec. I kept up the wall sits while pregnant so I am delighted that I have been able to maintain that strength. I'm setting a goal of being able to do three wall sits for a minute each by then end of the week 4.

My three goals for this period of exercise are:
1. Increase weights by 10%
2. Run 5km standard
3. Three wall sits of a minute each

I also aim to do at least 5 workouts a week, with three being weights workouts. To fit exercise into my day, I went to the gym before Nick went to work on Tuesday and Thursday. My parents had Zelda on Wednesday while I went to the gym. Monday I went after Nick finished work. It's all about taking those little opportunities and just going for it!

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