Playground Politics

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I have fallen in love with Playground Politics. Not only am I learning a lot, but I'm laughing while I learn. Playground politics is a satire of Play School. For those outside of Australia, Play School is a children's program where the presenters do craft, singing and stories. On Playground politics the presenter also makes craft, sings songs and tells stories but the stories are political commentary. A scathing analysis of the current political landscape. Showing us how to make an immigration detention centre or a scarecrow campaign. The explanation of a referendum was extremely timely, airing on the day of the Brexit results.

'It's been a big week of campaigning and all our politicians are tucked up in their beds. Have you ever wanted to put a politician to sleep?'

No political party escapes his commentary, with the Greens 'in bed with the liberals', Labor's 'shortbus' & a unsustainable song about Nick Xenophon. Sammy nails the part of the friendly play school presenter while coming across slightly creepy. The content is somewhat terrifying and in light of the Brexit result, aims to spur you on to be fully informed before you vote, as it does little average voter.

Playground Politics has a new episode each night until the election on iView or on Sammy J's Facebook Page

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