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Who needs a fancy cupholder?
I love polenta but I tell you what, it certainly does not love me. Each time I make it I end up getting burnt, so Wednesday night I wore long sleeves that covered my hands thinking that I had outsmarted it. But no, I hadn't, I still ended up getting burnt, this time on my face! FU Polenta. Next time I wear a full face helmet and armour!

We spent the week clearing up from the stormageddon that turned Alice Springs upside down last Friday. I've trimmed back the lime tree, pulled out dead plants from my pots and fertilised the soil ready for planting some herbs this weekend. I've missed growing basil, mint, parsley and spring onion. What's on the cards for you this weekend?

Catching my eye on the interwebs:

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On co-sleeping by The Grace Tales - we co slept with Lulu - it's such a taboo topic around health professionals but so many people co sleep. You go to do what gets you through, hey?

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Janet Waldo, the voice of Judy Jetson (among other roles) died last week at age 96 - I was a huge Jetsons fan!

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Happy Weekend!