Each baby is different

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They say each baby is different, but you really don't expect them to be so different. Lulu was a milk then rock/hold to sleep baby. Until recently Zelda has been a fall asleep while drinking & transfer to bassinet baby.

The last few mornings Zelda has been awake for long periods in the morning. She'd fall asleep on the bottle then become awake again after you transfer her to the bassinet. I'd leave her a little while but she'd be opening her mouth every now and then and licking her lips so after 10-15mins I'd assume that she needed more food, give her another 50 mls from the bottle or some boob and start the whole thing again. She still wouldn't sleep. Over the course of the day she slept for a few half hour/hour bursts but not her usual 3-4hr periods.

When this happened this morning I thought I'd give her the time in her bassinet to settle herself and unless she cried for a period, I wouldn't pick her up. She lasted for 55 mins before she fell asleep! All this time she was awake, looking around and content but not asleep. Lulu would have cried after the first 10 mins, wanting us to pick her up and hold her to sleep. How different these two babies are. What worked for one certainly does not work for the other. A content awake baby makes for a much easier second baby. I'm certainly not complaining!

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