Advice for a C-Section

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When I was told that I would have to have

a c-section

, I came across a few blog posts that went through what happened or what to expect during a c-section that were so helpful to me that I wanted to share a few things too. Rather than specific step by step information, what follows are the remarkable things that stood out to me about the C-section process and my advice to you. If you are interested in what happens during a c-section, then please click through.

C- Section Preparation

Like most surgeries, changing into the hospital gown signals the beginning of the procedure. You are asked to remove all nail polish and jewellery. Then the nurse will ask if you need the top section of public hair shaved. This is a little confronting as I had no idea if I need it shaved or not, I've never had a c-scetion before. So I let the nurse be the judge. You are then taken up to the theatre pre-op area.

Know your name

Get used to saying your name, birth date and what procedure you are there for over and over again. You will be asked many, many times. In pre-op you will chat to the anaesthetist and the surgeon about the procedure and then you are taken into the theatre.


In theatre the nurse has you swing your legs over the edge of the bed while the put the needle into your back. My midwife held my hands (and me) still while this happened. They then lay you back down and test with ice on various parts of your leg to see if the anaesthetic has taken hold.

C-Section Procedure

The sheet goes up and you can feel what is happening but not see it. One of the anaesthetist talked me though the procedure and my big advice to you is to insist on a general if you are at all squeamish. Especially if it is an emergency situation. You can feel things happening to you, there is no pain but there is yanking and pulling. Because of the emergency I didn't see the baby straight away. There was no lovely cuddles with the sheet up that you see in photos of planned c-sections. The baby was brought past quickly on her way to the special care nursery. There really was no need for me to be awake through the procedure. I found the whole thing to be quite unsettling and if I ever had to do though it again I would want to be under.

C-Section Recovery

Take all the pain medication that is on offer. I cannot stress this enough. You have been through a surgical procedure. Muscles have been cut. Organs have been moved around. Take the pain killers. Also take all the rest you can get. While moving about does help everything (for some reason the pain is less if you move about and more if you have been resting for long periods of time), resting is also important, so rest when you can. And go easy on yourself.

Have you had a c-section? What surprised you the most about it?


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