The Katering Show

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the Katering Show kept popping up on various things that I had been listening to lately, I think mainly from Leah Sales and Annabelle Crabb's podcast, so I thought I better check it out. This show is so good that you will want to say you watched it before it came to the ABC. I would love to say that I have been a fan since before they were on the ABC but I can't. Maybe I can pretend?!

The Katering Show is a parody of food shows, delving into all topics such as weddings, diets and sugar. It is hosted by the Kates, Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney. Since I had just had a baby, I started with the episode 'Yummy Mummies'. Lets just say if you are at all squeamish or can't handle blood, do not watch this episode. It takes the term yummy mummy to a whole other level, taking the piss out of those who keep the placenta. They indeed used an actual placenta for one of the scenes. You be the judge of which scene.

The Cook and the Kates is also another hilarious episode. An ode to Maggie Beer, the original celebrity chef. Turns out her home grown produce recipes aren't quite the same in inner city Melbourne. Get stuck into the Katering Show, you won't regret it.