Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Girl in the Pjs
There are so many lovely things that you could give to your mum from our local Alice Springs gift stores. I've pulled together a few ideas above to help steer you in the right direction, but like any good store, each of these shops offer many other options so get out and get in and shop local this mother's day.

1. A cookbook, or any other book, there are many, at Central Newsagency

2. Steviie Earrings from Mixed Lollies

3. Native flowers from Coles or Woolies - not a gift store but flowers always need a mention

4. The Aromatherapy Co Home Fragrancy Kit from Exotiq Homewares

5. Wine glasses from Novita Gifts - Nick and Lulu bought me wine glasses last year, always well received.

6. Tiff Manuell Clutch from Mixed Lollies

Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Girl in the Pjs
A few other things on offer at Mixed Lollies