Link Love - Social Media, Skiing and Sherlock

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This past week it has been all action around here. Our potholed exterior walls have been patched and painted. Nick and I cleaned out the spare room, which lead to cleaning out and re-organising the sheds. I finally picked up an insert tray for one of our kitchen draws and the tiling for our kitchen splash back has begun!

After such a big week and with a big work week coming up, I am spending this weekend getting as much rest as I can. What are you up to this weekend? Hope it is a good one x

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

Don't post about me on social media without asking - an interesting look at what kids don't want parents to share on social media.

What to wear if you are short - I'm 152cm so I definitely fit into this category, how about you?

Why women are calling the Governor of Indiana to tell him about their periods - The new burial law is really absurd!

Shooting has started on the new season of Sherlock

How old will you be when you stop skiing? This lady has given up skiing at the age of 102

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