Link Love - Pregnancy, Artists and Privilege

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This was a huge week for work. A big meeting Monday that I was unable to attend and had to phone conference instead. Then the replacement me was in Alice Springs for a few days training. It feels great that the business end of work is now over. Next week I can focus on finishing things off and start sorting out my office.

In Alice this weekend? Head to Raft Gallery for a peak at the artist driven show from Mimili Maku Artists from 10am. Lulu and I will be there Saturday morning before heading to her swimming lesson - the school holiday break for swimming lessons was a little too short for my liking but it is great to have a weekend activity.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

On trying to get pregnant 

How the Mindy Project forgot about Mindy - I really hope that Mindy tells Danny where to go or Danny realised what a chauvinist pig he's being. His character has become something from out of 1950 and Mindy seems to have forgotten how to stand up for herself and fight for what she wants.

The role of white privilege in the 60 Minutes kidnapping saga

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