Pregnancy 2nd Trimester

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After reading about the first trimester horror show, you may be glad to know that everything settled down in the second trimester.

The sickness ended. I had more energy. I could eat normally again. I could eat healthy again - no more cravings for chips and gravy!

I could fly with work as it was certain that I wouldn't suddenly spend an entire day throwing up and miss work while away.

The gym became part of my life again. Not as big a part as my pre-pregnancy days but at least twice a week. No running but hill walks on the treadmill, weights, core strength exercises and stretching.
I was able to ski during our Fernie trip, despite numerous non-skiers telling me I wouldn't be able to. The same rules apply as most things while pregnant, take it slow, work within your skill set, don't try anything new.

I still need to go to bed early most nights but can last until at least 9:30-10pm rather than the 8pms of the first trimester. The some weekends do require a nap but I have been ok if I get a sleep in instead.

If there is one word for the second trimester, then that word is swelling. My legs are so swollen and achy. I think a lot of the swelling is linked to the heat and won't be as bad once it cools down but my goodness - the swelling sucks.

All in all, the second trimester is a much better place to be than the first trimester. Here's hoping the third trimester will be just as kind.
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